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Wedding Present & Interiors Inspiration from our MD, Georgie

Today we are joined by The Wedding Present Company's MD, Georgie, who is sharing her favourite wedding presents from our Online Showroom. Georgie also shares her top tips for building a timeless wedding list that both you and your guests will love. We chat to Georgie about her interior style, her go-to sources of interior inspiration and her expert advice on building a wedding list.

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is pretty classic, I am always drawn to neutral, casual looks. I love calming colours and textures that are cosy, welcoming and timeless.

I love to combine my two great loves in my interior style; the countryside and the coast. The warm, cosy textures of the countryside, full of character, detail and history and the soft breeze of a coastal retreat where everything has that sun-kissed and slightly weathered salty look. It’s the love child of the Cornish Coast, the Cotswolds Countryside, Californian boho cool and Provencal nature.

Georgie's Favourite Wedding Presents

Tray, Floral, Grey, 51x38cm
Le Jaana
Blanket, Diamond, Coral, 230 x 130cm
Weaver Green
Round casserole, 28cm - 6.7 litre, Signature Cast Iron, Meringue
Le Creuset
Seagrass Basket, D26cm, Mendi, Natural
A love of eating: recipes from tart london, Jemima Jones & Lucy Carr-Ellison
Ice Bucket, Strand Rattan, White
Candle Stick, H20cm, Mbata, Antique Brass
7 piece place setting, Rattail, Stainless Steel
Arthur Price
Set of 6 cereal bowls, 16cm, Pearl, white
Costa Nova
Throw, 150 x 183cm, Beehive, oatmeal
Large Wine, Soho
John Jenkins
Revival DAB/FM Digital Radio, Dove Grey
Roberts Radio
Chair, Wishbone Open Back, Antique Oak
Luna Home
Table Lamp, Lillee, Natural Whitewash, 39cm & Savannah Block Printed Shade, 30cm
Empire Lampshade, Gathered Bedwyn, Rabanna Cotton, Light Blue, 25cm
Multi-window mirror, 122 x 92cm, Arched
Luna Home
Jug, Hobnail, Rosaline, Large, 2000ml
Set of 6 champagne glasses, 150ml, Ovals, Crystal
The Vintage List
Stand Mixer, 4.8 Litre, Artisan, Pistachio Green
Tablecloth, Simla, Pink/Green, 215cm x 350cm
Penny Morrison
The Pig, Tales & Recipes from the Kitchen Garden
Lantern, D24cm, Eluru, Mango Wood and Glass
A Place in the Sun, Slim Aarons, Hardback
Handwoven Tray, Large, Grey Rim
The uneven, organic shape of Won
Wonki Ware
Cushion & Pad, Oakleaves, Pink, 50cm

What are you favourite brands that WPC offer?

How long have you got? What I love about the brands available at WPC is the range. All the well-loved big brands, but also small, bespoke independent brands.

Nkuku and Neptune are real go-to’s for me. I love their rustic charm and timeless appeal. I also adore the beautiful craftsman ship of Kalinko, founded by a former WPC bride! 

Garden Trading is another favourite. They get it right season after season. We recently bought an outdoor sofa from them, which has transformed our garden!

I adore Weaver Green and their incredible rugs, cushions and footstools that are made from recycled bottles. You’d never know, they are so soft and come in the most beautiful patterns and colours.

Sarah K have the most beautiful linens, I’m currently trying to convince my husband to let me buy their pink scalloped bedlinen!

Wicklewood, Fermoie and Penny Morrison are my go-to for that special purchase to add the perfect finishing touch to a room.

Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

The Foxalow – for some amazing house renovation inspiration

Louisa Grace Interiors – amazing antique and vintage finds

Weekend Journals – the most lovely off-the-beaten track travel guides

House and Garden - obviously

Tart London – all of my favourite recipes come from the Tart London cookbook! It is my absolute go-to recipe book. 

Lost in Happiness Pics – who doesn’t love to get lost in happiness?

The Home Page – brilliant all-rounder lifestyle inspiration

Suitcase – I’m always dreaming of my next holiday

Ottolenghi – the way this man combines flavours is the stuff of legend

Dream Casa – the ultimate escapism when it comes to dreaming about my next renovation project!

Mcgeeandco – My bank balance is thankful this is an American website which puts me off ordering!

Do you have any favourite interior designers?

Studio McGee – The perfect balance of colour, texture and timeless appeal.

Becki Owens – timeless but modern. Country but chic. I love Becki’s style.

Sims Hilditch – As the founder of Neptune it’s no wonder I adore everything!

Osborn Interiors – Fuels my desire to give up London and live in the countryside!

Roger Hall Designs – Two words. Thyme Hotel.

Lucy Marsh – I love Lucy’s considered use of colour and textures

What advice do you give to couples on building a wedding list?

My go-to advice is think about your thank you letters, and think about what you wouldn’t hesitate to buy yourself. Cue a wooden spoon. Yes, it’s practical and yes, you’ll use it all the time, but how do you make that sound good in a thank you letter?! And be honest, you wouldn’t think twice about buying that for yourself during a trip to the supermarket. 

Your wedding list is the perfect opportunity to set yourselves up for the next chapter of your life together. Think about what you really love. Think about what you really need and what you really want. I love the idea of having a wedding list that you will love, and use, for a lifetime so I always advocate quality over quantity. Choose timeless classics that will work with you as your taste and style evolves, but don’t be afraid to be bold with your choices! If you love it, list it!

Also, and perhaps most importantly, do not get the guilt when putting together a wedding list. Your guests want to buy you a wedding present. You’re making their lives considerably easier by giving them a list of options that they know you will love. No one wants to have that stress of buying a present not knowing if you want it or need it. Just make sure you have a good range of price points within your list to suit all budgets.

What do you think is the most overlooked wedding present?

A really beautiful 10x8 photo frame. You are going to get a set of incredible photos from your wedding and I think it is so special to have a larger size frame for your favourite snap. We were kindly gifted this timeless silver plate photo frame from Carrs Silver and it’s the standout item on out fireplace. I love it.

What is your favourite room of the house and why?

Although mine is still not finished following our recent house renovation, I love a good sitting room. Whether you’re curling up on the sofa reading a magazine or watching a film or having a glass of the good stuff with friends, I love how this room adapts to any situation.

For me, it’s all about the cosy. Deep sofas, lots of cushions, calming colours, soft lighting and ideally a fire!

What are good traditional presents to add to a list which might appeal to an older generation?

Everyone wants to buy a wedding present that they think you will love and use forever. A photo album is a great present, especially in the digital age that we will live. There’s something really rather wonderful about having a traditional photo album full of your wedding photos. Something that can become a family heirloom and enjoyed by future generations.

Le Creuset Casserole Dishes are an iconic wedding present, and for good reason. They come with a lifetime guarantee and can be used in so many different ways. This is an item you really will love and use forever!

Kitchen Electricals are another traditional present loved by older generation guests. Choose well and this kitchen gadget will be a friend for life.

Silverware – it’s a classic wedding present and for good reason. Truly timeless and a brilliant investment.

What presents do guests love to buy?

Guests love to buy presents that have some sort of personal meaning, or something they know you will love.

Some guests love to choose the quirkiest item on your list, and some like to choose the most practical! The most important thing is that you have a well-rounded list of presents that suits all budgets.

We often see champagne glasses fly off lists, and other bar accessories such as bottle openers and ice buckets. Serve ware is another favourite. Not only is it usually a good price point, but it’s also something that you will likely use when entertaining with family and friends, so it’s something that will bring you joy time and time again!