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Wedding Present Inspiration from Lucy, a WPC Wedding List Advisor

We're delighted to introduce one of our brilliant Wedding List Advisors, Lucy, who has joined us today to share her favourite wedding presents from our Online Showroom. Lucy also shares her top tips for building a timeless wedding list that you and your guests will love. Join us as we chat to Lucy about her style, her go-to sources of inspiration and her expert advice on building a wedding list.

How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is bold and colourful. I love to have floral and patterned accessories to decorate the house. I’m not afraid to mix the old with the new, don’t be put off by having traditional pieces alongside contemporary, I find they quite often compliment each other.

Lucy's Favourite Presents

Placemats, Beetle Designs, Set of 6
Bell Hutley
Dinner plate, 27cm, Touraine Double Filet Vert, Green
Raynaud Limoges
Spiral old fashioned tumbler, 10.5cm - 320ml, Atlantic, Clear
John Jenkins
Cushion, Square, Wicker, Linen, Green, Small, 43cm
Ice Bucket, Strand Rattan, Brown
Set of 6 champagne glasses, 150ml, Lens, Crystal
The Vintage List
Lampshade, Amaya, 14"
Ashoka Designs
Spaghetti Bowl, Mixed Lace, Pimento, 34cm
Wonki Ware
Print, Private Island, Black Frame, Large
Sonic Editions
Oval casserole, 29cm - 4.7L, Signature Cast Iron, deep teal
Le Creuset
Covered Butterdish, Clematis, Ceramic, 19x14x13cm
Nicholas Mosse
4 slot toaster, Classic Vario, Polished
Gien- Pont aux Choux Blanc, Espresso Cup & Saucer, Set of 2
Vase, large - 24.1 x 28.1cm, Porcio
Canvas Home

What are you favourite brands that WPC offer?

My favourite brands of ours are Miranda Berrow, Kalinko, Laurie Lamps, William Yeoward, Ashoka Designs to name a few. I love their stories, heritage and ethos and I love that you can't find them everywhere - it makes them feel even more special. 

Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

Yes, a few of my favourites are – TAT London, Violet Dent, Tatiana Alida, Maison Flaneur, Collagerie, Edit 58

Do you have any favourite interior designers?

I’m always looking at Salvesen Graham, Rita Konig, Alexandra Langdon and Beata Heauman for inspiration. I love their use of colour and pattern. 

What advice do you give to couples on building a wedding list?

Choose presents that are special and will last you a life time. I would advise quality, not quantity. Think about the future when you are building your wedding list, will you still love that gold cutlery set in 20 years' time? If you choose well on the big ticket items such as china and cutlery these will last you a lifetime. 

What do you think is the most overlooked wedding present?

It may seem a bit boring, but a really good non-stick milk pan is always so useful. I would recommend Le Creuset because they really do last forever!

What is your favourite room of the house and why?

My favourite room has to be the sitting room. There are so many accessories you can bring to brighten up this space. Cushions, lampshades, mirrors, rugs, artwork can all pull together a room with mismatched patterns making it feel cosy and homely. That is the key for me, making a home feel lived in.

What are good presents to add to a list which might appeal to an older generation?

Great presents for the older generations are the classic, yet high quality items. This could range from cutlery and glassware to china and cookware. They always want to buy you something that will last you a lifetime, a lasting memory of your wedding date and their presence.

What presents do guests love to buy?

Guests often like buying something a little off the rails or interesting. Whether it be a brightly coloured cushion or a bar cart – something that it is fun and something you will use and see daily.