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A guide to choosing the perfect wedding ring

Gemologist, Emma Clarkson-Webb, specialises in sourcing diamonds and semi-precious gemstones to create beautifully designed and handcrafted fine jewellery. Here she gives us some top tips on choosing your wedding ring.

What to consider when choosing your wedding ring

1. Your engagement ring should fit your wedding band perfectly

If not, are you happy to have a gap between your wedding band and your engagement ring? Bespoke crafted wedding bands are a popular choice, and with new CAD technology, ECW Bespoke are now able to create a perfectly fitted wedding band to sit alongside any shaped engagement ring, no matter how awkward. Remember though, that if the wedding ring is to be worn on its own, a bespoke shaped wedding band is not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as a straightforward band.

2. Your wedding ring should be comfortable

It’s important that your wedding band is as comfortable to wear as possible. After all, you’ll be wearing it forever. Your wedding ring design is crucial for this. If you are active and hands-on, a more delicate stone setting might not be suitable for your day-to-day wear and you might want to consider a more classic band.

3. Pick the metal for your wedding band carefully

You should try and match your wedding ring to your engagement ring like for like, which should be platinum, 18ct white, rose or white gold. If your engagement ring is none of these metals, you can always invest in a good quality precious metal for your wedding ring and upgrade your engagement ring later on, such as for an anniversary or another special occasion.

4. Match the width to your engagement ring

You should try and match your wedding ring to the width of your engagement ring. For men, a band that is too slim can look effeminate. However, for a woman, a slimmer band flatters delicate hands. If you are not sure, your jeweller will be able to advise exactly what width your engagement ring is so that you can match it.

5. What shape should my wedding band be?

At ECW Bespoke, we have a wide selection of different shaped wedding bands to choose from. The shape of your wedding ring is personal to you, and your jeweller can help pick out a shape that will best suit you if you're not sure. Just remember that the two bands should be comfortable to wear and compliment each other.

6. Any extras

A complimentary engraving is always a lovely, personal touch with a wedding date or name engraved into the inner band. It is best to approach jewellers at least a month before your wedding to engrave your wedding band, as this could take a few weeks depending on the demand for your particular wedding ring designer.

Buying your wedding ring is a very important step. Not only are wedding rings a traditional symbol of eternal love, but it will also remain on your hand indefinitely so it needs to appeal to your personal style.

Nearly any design is possible with ECW Bespoke, no matter how simple or intricate.

Appointments can be arranged with ECW Bespoke to choose from her ready-to-wear band designs or to design a bespoke band tailored with your budget in mind. Email enquiries to