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All You Need For A Perfect Night's Sleep

Introducing Rise & Fall, a shiny new supplier of the most delicious bed linen. Read on to hear their amazing brand story, and their unique commitment to producing sustainable products with a transparent and economically responsible supply chain.

“The most comfortable sheets you’ve ever slept in, produced ethically and sustainably, at a reasonable price and with money from each sale going direct to those without a bed to sleep in.”

Launched in November 2015, Rise & Fall bed linen is the brainchild of two NZ born, UK-based entrepreneurs (one of whom is a founder of Caravan Restaurants and Caravan Coffee Roasters in London).

At the bare bones, their ethos is to make the best sheets they can, for a fair price and doing so in a way they can be proud of. Their eco-friendly and sustainable supply chain is the best in the business and all their sheets are made from the best cotton in the world.

After 1000s of hours, 100s of samples and four continents, they found the exceptional sheets that they were after, and have gone to great lengths to understand every single part of the supply chain, from start to finish, to make sure their sheets are made in the right way. One that’s good for everyone involved. So they know that, from farm to factory, right through to the moment you climb into bed between them, their sheets are the very best they can be.

The founders invested a lot of time to personally visit and audit different manufacturers around the world, and selected a partner to work with in Southern India that runs entirely on wind energy, recycles 99% of its water and offers free education and upskilling to its predominantly female workforce. Rise & Fall replaces the plastic packaging that others use with recycled and reusable materials.

Keeping things nice and easy, Rise & Fall has removed the endless and confusing choice offered by others, and sell two types of sheet only – one softer, the other crisper. Available in two weaves: Classic 400 and Super Luxe 600 – both are made entirely from the world’s finest cotton (100% extra-long staple cotton; others use inferior cotton, known as long staple cotton). Each weave boasts the perfect high thread count and are produced without the harsh chemicals that others use in the manufacturing process, making the sheets buttery soft and easy on the skin. We can personally attest to the buttery softness of Rise & Fall – they adorn all our beds at home!

If all that wasn’t enough - £3 from each sale goes directly to Centrepoint, the youth homeless charity that helps thousands people every year who are sleeping rough – in parks, stairwells, bridges and worse. So we can sleep well knowing that our support of this company supports the mighty efforts of this brilliant charity.

Book an appointment in our London Showroom today to feel the different types of Rise & Fall sheets for yourself. You’ll never look back, trust us.