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Behind the Brand with Wingfield Digby

We chat with Alice Wingfield Digby, owner of WPC supplier Wingfield Digby about her stunning real-feather designs and inspirations.

What inspires your designs?

A love of nature is at the heart of what we do here at Wingfield Digby. There’s a real magic to feathers, they are timeless and can be captured and preserved without being altered in any way. What I find fascinating is that the intricate feather pattern - which is unique to every bird - has existed for millennia. Yet the overall effect of the feathers is surprisingly quite contemporary.

What prompted you to set up Wingfield Digby?

I believed feathers could be encapsulated in luxury products. I had never seen anything like it before and felt that there was a niche in the market for us. I predicted the designs would be popular with country lovers, but the demand for the products is much greater than I’d anticipated! The products appeal to country lovers yet have also caught the eye of both urban & rural interior designers.

How do you source and create your designs?

I design products that I love and would want in my own home. Once I have an idea, I research other products available and incorporate trends and practical features into the designs too. For most products in our range we have sourced craftsmen who specialise in making those particular products. It does mean we work with over 20 different craftsmen but the end result is always fabulous.

Why do Wingfield Digby make good wedding presents?

Photograph frames are one of the most useful wedding gifts. After the big day, you’ll find yourselves inundated with gorgeous photos that’ll need a home! When buying from a gift list, I try to give something memorable, unique and a bit spoiling so our products definitely fit the bill.

To find out more about this family-owned, British brand, visit Wingfield Digby. You can also follow Wingfield Digby on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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