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Choosing The Ultimate First Dance Song

Join us as we run through our top picks for the ultimate first dance song. From old school classics, to iconic movie songs, to modern greats we've covered them all and created the ultimate Spotify Playlist for you to enjoy. Our industry friends have also bestowed their wisdom and top tips for making that first dance a truly unforgettable moment.

The first dance is a pivotal moment at any wedding. The formalities are done and it's time for everyone to let their hair down on the dance floor. So choosing your first dance song is a big decision. You want a song that you love, that holds a secret (or not so secret) meaning to you both. Something you both feel comfortable dancing to and something that will create a magical moment you and your guests will treasure forever. 

Slow, fast, old-school, cult movie classic - anything goes! Along with your help on Insta stories, we have compiled our top picks for the best first dance songs to suit all tastes. Head to our dedicated Spotify Playlist to hear them all in one place, and read on below to get some serious inspiration and top tips from the best in the wedding industry. Don't expect to see the expected John Legend or Ed Sheeran...

Slow and Romantic

A slow and romantic dance is a more traditional choice for a wedding, but it doesn't mean it has to be cheesy! A moment for you both to enjoy and savour, it's not often that we find ourselves enjoying a slow dance with the love of our lives!

If you're going for a slow song, think outside the box and choose a song that's really going to create a magical and unique atmosphere. 

Here's some of our favourites from our Spotify Playlist

Party-Starter Songs

We LOVE this kind of first dance. The kind of dance where, as a guest, you're itching to join the fun of the dancefloor! Upbeat, fun, full of energy - the perfect way to set the tone for the dancefloor for the rest of the night.

We've chosen some of our favourite crowdpleasers from our Spotify Playlist (including a few from our own first dances!)

Movie Moments

Re-create iconic movie moves, or create your own, with these classic soundtrack songs. Full of fun and laughter, these are perfect for surprising your guests and getting the party going. Explore more in our Spotify Playlist.

First Dance Advice - Videographer

"I think something upbeat and funny always works best for a first dance. My favourites are the ones that are unexpected and surprise all the guests. I also think that top down lighting makes a huge difference on camera, it also makes the dancefloor look great."

Clementine Cusack

First Dance Advice - Photographer

"The first dance is a great way to transition from the more formal elements of a wedding into the party atmosphere that by this stage the majority of wedding guests are craving for. There are so many different ways that a first dance can be done; from formal to choreographed to the very very casual. From a photographer's perspective, they all work beautifully when they tie in with the general style of the wedding and suit the couple.

My advice is just to go with it, pick a song you both love and tie-in something at the end with a bang to encourage everyone to charge on the dance floor and join you! Lights, confetti canons, mass balloon drops, bridesmaids spraying champagne (?!) or just a big drop in the music all works so well!! Enjoy it and smile, the best photos are the ones where the couple are totally immersed in the moment."

Ben Wigglesworth

First Dance Advice - Bridal Designer

“One of the things I get asked the most, as a wedding dress designer, is how to hook up a train for that all important first dance. Everyone loves a train but they can look messy when hooked up, why spoil the glamour when it is easy to rectify. It is all about proportions, if your train is short, the loop should be a bit longer so that there is enough to drape when it is over your wrist and if your train is very long, it should be shorter, so that is doesn’t dangle too much. Long trains can have a couple of extra loops at the sides to scoop up any surplus. Definitely avoid the ruched, curtain look and make sure the loop is large enough to go over your wrist so you hand is free."

Louise Selby

First Dance Advice - DJ

"A lot of couples normally really appreciate our advice on all the music for the night, but the one song they normally are certain of is the first dance; usually something which means something to them. The first dance can be a bit nerve wracking for some couples. I would suggest you dance to it together a lot in the build up to the wedding so on the day you feel more relaxed.

Couple's could also consider getting their DJ to do a mash up of two or three of their favourite songs. This is a great way to add an element of surprise into a first dance (who doesn't love a mash up?), and a fun way to start with something a bit slower and build up to a floor-filler where all your guests can join in.”

Laura Harvey, Director of Spin-Sisters

First Dance Advice - Live Band

"One of my favourite parts of a Wedding is watching our bands perform the bride and groom's first dance. All of our bands are happy to learn a first dance song if they don't already know it, and even special versions if you have have one that works with any choreography that you have worked on. When choosing a first dance the main advice I have is to make it personal. Choose a song that means something to you both, with lyrics that resonate and mean something to you. I would also advise giving as much notice as possible to your band, in case they need a bit of extra time to learn your song."

Lucy, Founder of House of Lemon

First Dance Advice - Wedding Planner

"I have seen a fair few of first dances over the last 9 years of planning weddings! My first bit of advice is to choose a song that is unique to you, that actually has a meaning behind it. So often I see couples choosing a song as it is on a list of top 10 first dance song choices, rather than actually choosing a song that has a story behind it. Therefore don't give in to choosing a popular or traditional first dance song, and remember it doesn't have to be a love song! If something like "Stuck in the Middle With You" is your all-time favourite song and it reflects you both, then go for it! 

With the viral video being commonplace nowadays, doing a surprise dance is generally not so much of a 'surprise' and many people expect it so if you want to add a surprise element, why not think about having a professionally choreographed dance? Or add another element such as a costume change?"

Susie Evans, Wedding Planner

First Dance Advice - Lighting & Production

"The first dance is the perfect moment for the newlyweds to get completely caught up in each other’s eyes and forget everyone is watching. Whether you’re planning something natural and romantic or upbeat and choreographed to surprise your guests, our favorite touch is to add low fog to give the impression of dancing on the clouds. It’s so important to light your dance floor properly, this way the photographer can capture the magical moment without any awkward shadows. We like to use soft, warm spotlights to gently light the couple. Lighting really is key!" 

Georgie Chenery, Luminaire Events