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How To Create Your Perfect Wedding Gift List: Happy Couple Curating Their Wedding Registry on Ipad
Alex Merz

How To Create Your Perfect Wedding Gift List - Part 2

Embarking on your wedding planning journey is an exciting adventure. So let's dive into one of the most enjoyable parts—creating your wedding gift list. Whether you're new to the process or have already read through the first part of our guide, you're in the right place. In the midst of your wedding preparations, trust The Wedding Present Company's expertise to help you curate a bespoke list of wedding presents tailored to your future life as a married couple.

But what is the wedding gift list etiquette, and how do you order your wedding gift list? In part two of our guide, we'll unveil the best ways to share your wedding registry with friends and family and to politely request wedding presents that truly reflect your and your partner’s personalities. So you can cherish them for a lifetime.

How To Create Your Perfect Wedding Gift List: Le Creuset Wedding Gift

How To Share Your Wedding Gift List with Your Wedding Guests

Just like with any other wedding, timing matters when it comes to sharing your wedding gift list. We recommend having your gift list ready for when you send out your wedding invitations. It's the most natural way to direct people to your list. Also, some guests will want to buy you a wedding gift as soon as they read your wedding invitation!

After you create your wedding gift list, as explained in the first part of our guide, you can personally introduce your wedding gift list online through your wedding website; we create a unique URL for you to share. Or you can include information about your gift registry in your printed invitations as part of your wedding stationery.

Most couples tend to have an ‘Additional Information’ section on their wedding invitations, with information relating to local accommodation, taxis, dress codes, etc. In this case, a short sentence informing your family members and guests that The Wedding Present Company holds your list and adding our website address works well. We are happy to help with the wording of this if needed.

We can even give you complimentary insert cards for your wedding invitations. This insert will let wedding guests know about your list and how they can purchase a present.

How To Create Your Perfect Wedding Gift List: Amuse La Bouche Quilt & Skye McAlpine Tavola range at Home
Steph Gowland & Skye McAlpine Tavola

Wedding Gift List Etiquette: How Do You Politely Ask For Wedding Gifts?

You’ve created your wedding gift list, filled with presents you both will love and cherish for a lifetime. But how do you politely phrase the wedding gift list on your wedding invite? 

We understand that navigating the etiquette of wording for your gift list on wedding invites can be a delicate task. Naturally, the most important thing to you is to have your dearest guests join in the celebration of your special day. But rest assured, your family and friends will want to give you something special to celebrate your marriage. Whether it's gifting you fine dining china, the most desired kitchenware, or contributing to your honeymoon funds

With The Wedding Present Company, a group gifting option is available for any present on your wedding list at the touch of a button. This allows your wedding guests to make individual contributions to the overall cost of the present. 

“Group gifting is a lovely way for you to add a higher price point wedding present without feeling like you are asking for too much…” Katie, The Wedding Present Company London showroom manager

The key is to phrase your wedding gift list wording in a way that leaves your guests feeling comfortable and valued. A good idea is to keep it short, sweet, polite, and personal:

"We’ve built a wedding gift list that will set us up for our new home together. Please don’t feel obliged, but if you’d like to help us on our journey, we’ve created a gift list with The Wedding Present Company”

“Your presence is the only present we need. However, if you would like to buy us a wedding gift, we have created a wedding registry with The Wedding Present Company.” 


If you’d like more advice on the wording of your invitations, our Wedding List Advisors are here to help you.


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When Should You Close Your Wedding Gift List?

Deciding on the ideal timing to close your wedding gift list after your wedding depends on various factors. We’d recommend keeping the list open for a few weeks after your wedding. This allows plenty of time for guests who were unable to attend the occasion. Or those who are simply a little less organised than others, to make any last-minute purchases. 

4 weeks after your wedding day, we will close your wedding gift list. We will then get in touch with you to talk you through the next steps. If you would like to close your wedding gift list sooner or keep it open for longer, you can simply let us know.

How Do You Order Presents From Your Wedding Gift List?

Ordering wedding presents from your wedding gift list with The Wedding Present Company is seamless. It depends on whether you set your wedding gift list to be Fixed or Flexible when you first registered your wedding list with us:

With a Fixed list, items are ordered as guests make their selections, guaranteeing prompt delivery. Sit back and relax, knowing that everything has been taken care of for you! The only items we won’t have ordered are those that are part of an incomplete set. This is to ensure you don’t end up with half-completed sets of things. Simply let us know what you’d like to order in this situation, and we’ll get that sorted out for you.

If you choose a Flexible wedding gift list, you can decide when to place orders for your presents. This gives you the freedom to modify your choices even after the wedding gift list is closed. So you can ensure that your final selection resonates with your aspirations. We find that most couples like to wait until after their wedding to confirm their presents and place one order. However, with a Flexible list, the choice is yours to do as you wish!