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Introducing Bramwell Brown - Exclusive to WPC

Join us as we welcome Bramwell Brown to the WPC family. Available exclusively through The Wedding Present Co., read on to find out how these heirloom worthy pieces are made and what makes them so special.

Who are Bramwell Brown?

Bramwell Brown design and produce beautiful Mechanimated Clocks – a totally unique concept of a mechanical clock and barometer all in one. In a world of digital screens, these clocks are beautifully analogue.

Launched in 2015, the concept was the brain-child of brother and sister team Rob and Sarah. Their love of curious mechanical objects can be traced back to their childhood – to Sunday afternoons where their father would stand in the hall to wind the grandfather clock, then tap on the barometer to see what the weather might be up to that day. At the heart of Bramwell Brown is a fascination with spinning cogs and whizzing parts – old clock mechanics and curious analogue time-pieces have a wonderful, peculiar charm. Put a touch of intrigue on the wall: a little theatre of moving clouds in a clock.

How did the brand come to life?

Having looked everywhere for a mechanical barometer in a lovely design without much success, Rob and Sarah decided to try their hand at designing one themselves. Nestled at the kitchen table, surrounded by card, split pins and Sellotape, they built a very basic initial prototype.

Knowing instantly that they were onto something – further prototypes ensued and with some expert engineering help the split pins, card and sellotape were replaced and the first official Bramwell Brown Mechanimated Clock launched in 2015.

How are they made?

Every single Bramwell Brown clock is handmade in Hampshire with care and pride by an extremely skilled team. The individual parts arrive from all over the world – the quartz clock mechanisim is made in Germany; the frames are painted in Yorkshire.

Each clock is hand tested for 4 days to ensure it is 100% perfect before it leaves for its new home.

Each weather option is a charming illustration that changes with the weather, just like the barometers of old; very dry, fair, change, rain and stormy.

Do they really forecast the weather? How?

The answer is 100% yes! Every Bramwell Brown clock has a barometric air pressure sensor at its core that continually measures the atmospheric air pressure.

Even inside a relatively air-tight home the air pressure changes with the weather, and these are sufficient enough for the clock to detect. For instance, if the clock senses a rise in air pressure, then it will forecast sunnier weather.

Where can I see one in person?

We are lucky enough to be one of the carefully chosen establishments to have a Bramwell Brown clock proudly displayed on the wall. Book your appointment in our London showroom today to see this amazing present in person. It really is the kind of present that you will love and use for a lifetime.

Weather Clock, Copper Plated, D33cm
Bramwell Brown Clocks
Weather Clock, Midnight Black, D33cm
Bramwell Brown Clocks
Weather Clock, Summer Blue, D33cm
Bramwell Brown Clocks
Weather Clock, Cloudy Grey, D33cm
Bramwell Brown Clocks