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Chloe Winstanley

Meet the Maker: Sarah Ross of Addison Ross

Sarah Ross and her husband David founded and still run British brand Addison Ross. The brand specialises in luxury photo frames. Read all about how Sarah and David run the company, her advice to couples on building a wedding list and also her favourite wedding presents.

Addison Ross

How did Addison Ross start?

Addison Ross was first started by my husband David and his brother Timothy in 1978. They started by making hand-gilded and veneered frames. Then I became involved in 1989 and created a debut collection which proved very popular. We haven't stopped designing new products since.

Addison Ross

Where do you take your inspiration from?

Chloe Winstanley

We take inspiration from all over the place, all the time, we constantly keep an eye on colours, shapes and trends, whether it's scrolling through all the beautiful interior designers we follow on Instagram, to taking a screen shot of Nicole Kidman's bedroom in The Undoing on Netflix (which incidentally was littered with our frames!) Of course ordinarily we'd also be travelling and visiting galleries. Let's hope we can get back to that later this year!

What’s your favourite product to date?

Chloe Winstanley

Oh that's a really tricky question. At the moment my absolutely favourite product is our new Scallop Trays. Please don’t ask me to choose a colour as I simply can't and our house is in constant flux as I change them all the time! I also love our original 15mm Enamel Frames, Duck Egg must be my subconscious favourite as it seems to feature throughout our house. And of course our TV remote control boxes have been a game changer not only for stylish tidiness but also for banishing the constant hunt for them!

Chloe Winstanley

What does the future hold for Addison Ross?

We're very excited that we're about to launch collages! We'll be printing these on to acrylic in various sizes. You will be able to create collages of between 24 and 96 images, zooming in, changing the filters etc. Having spoken at length to our photographer Chloe Winstanley we think these will be particularly lovely for weddings and parties as a constant reminder of the day rather than hidden away in albums.

Chloe Winstanley
Addison Ross

What is your favourite room in your house and why?

At the moment it's actually my new office! Having worked in the same home office as my husband David for the past 20 years and with our son Harry joining the business and trying to squeeze in during lockdown I decided it was time to make a move. I’ve converted our dining room which we never used anyway and with my desk situated in the bay window overlooking the garden, my favourite Harlequin duck egg velvet curtains and a roaring fire, a scented candle, Boris our Tibetan terrier beside me and my favourite classical playlist it's heavenly!

Chloe Winstanley

Who are your favourite interior designers?

That's a very hard one as there are so many. Vicky Wormsley from French-Brook Interiors is definitely at the top of the list, we recently had a shoot at her stunning house in Hampshire. She effortlessly combines unusual fabrics, wall papers and colour combinations to create a timeless elegance. I also love Emma Deterding's use of vibrant colour at Kelling Designs. And over on Instagram I'm completely addicted to Helen Turkington's videos.

Kelling Designs

Do you have any advice to couples on setting up their wedding list?

Addison Ross

Slightly digressing from the question I do remember the apocryphal story of the couple who drew up a list at Aspreys back in the 80s only to have a business client from the Middle East buy the entire list so the couple were called to ask them to make a 2nd list for the rest of their guests! Sadly it wasn't us! I think my advice would definitely be to put things on the list that you wouldn't ordinarily buy and that are special, things you will cherish forever and remember as your wedding gifts. Having said that one of the gifts which I use nearly every day and I always remember the friend who gave it to us is a stacked saucepan steamer/double boiler, not hugely glamourous but so useful!

Addison Ross

What is it about the Wedding Present Company that stands out to you?

I think the service level is second to none, the genuine care and enthusiasm you have for your couples shines through, there is such a sense of sincere enthusiasm for each wedding and I think the whole experience looks like a joy and delight.

Chloe Winstanley

What do you like buying as wedding presents?

Well I have to admit I do always give Photo Frames, it's one of the times in your life when you will have an abundance of incredible photography which you definitely don't want to hide away in an album. If I don't know the couple's style well I usually stick with white or chiffon grey enamel but if I do know their décor I would usually be a bit more adventurous. I always give the large 8x10 frames for wedding photos as I think it's definitely the time to make a statement however I also like giving a combination of other sizes too.

Addison Ross

Your favourite wedding presents

Set of 6 champagne glasses, 150ml, Ovals, Crystal
The Vintage List
Oxford Pillowcase, Scalloped Edge, Grey, 50 x 75cm
Ships decanter, 24cm - 1.8 pint, Iona
William Yeoward Crystal
Dinner plate, 28.5 x 2.5cm, Apponyi, blue
24 piece cutlery set with storage capsule for 6 people, H30 x D20cm, Mood, Christofle Silver
Lamp Base, The Pink Ladies, 48 x 28cm
Rosanna Lonsdale
Garden party basket with 12 Champagne glasses, H21 x W30 x L46cm, Willow
Willow & Wicker
Picnic hamper - 4 person, 58 x 38 x 22cm, Deluxe, Willow Wicker
Willow & Wicker
Photograph frame, 5 x 7" with 15mm border, Enamel Range, Chiffon With Gold Plate
Addison Ross
Engraved Welly Rack, Oak, 4 Pairs, All Tall
The Oak & Rope Company
Salt/pepper dish with spoon, Lottie
William Yeoward Crystal