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Ben Wigglesworth

Taking your wedding cocktails to the next level

With weddings back in full swing this summer we've been surrounded by incredible inspirational content from all of our amazing couples weddings and wedding suppliers. We feel that wedding drinks have taken a greater significance at weddings and arguably they are as important as the catering. When we talk about wedding drinks we mean COCKTAILS. We have spoken to the team at The Cocktail Society to see what their must haves and latest trends are for wedding drinks.

Here are just a few of the The Cocktail Society's favourite wedding drink trends. 

Back To Basics

Cocktails go through many evolutions and the latest trend is to strip cocktails back to basics.

This means ditching the exotic twists on classic cocktails or the eight ingredient drinks and picking classic cocktails without the frills.

This may seem like the opposite of what your wedding cocktail list should look like but believe us it’s a big trend in bars all over the UK.

Drinks such as Cosmopolitans, Passionfruit Martinis, Daiquiris and Margaritas are making a big come back. And why? Because these are the drinks that the majority of your guests will quickly identify with and feel comfortable drinking.


Mezcal is the smoky cousin of tequila and the spirit is popping up all over the bar and events scene in cocktails. It’s a fabulous spirit and have the same vegetal quality of tequila but with a great smoky depth that has proved a huge hit with cocktail drinkers.

You might be wondering how best to drink Mezcal at your Mezcal Margaritas of course.

Mezcal Margarita


40ml Mezcal | 20ml Cointreau | 25ml Lime Juice | 7.5ml Agave Syrup


Add all ingredients to a shaker, shake hard and fine strain into a margarita glass

Cocktail Towers

Whilst, historically Champagne towers have been around for centuries. However - it is very on trend nowdays to do a Cocktail Tower!

A sensational centrepiece and the perfect showstopper to get your guests talking. The Cocktail Society have created towers with Espresso Martini’s, Passionfruit Martinis and Cosmopolitans and even a mix of the three.

Word of caution though – make sure you use professionals to build your tower as they take a highly skilled mixologist to build.

Bloody Mary Station

The Bloody Mary Station - when done properly is a sight to behold. A Bloody Mary Station is a great option for the mornign after the wedding if your guests are staying. It is great for guests to catch up with the other guests and cure a hangover!

Bloody Mary’s are one of the cocktails with a huge number of variations, from changing the spirits used to the herbs, spices and condiments accompanying them. Not only this, the Bloody Mary is very personal and everyone takes theirs a different way.

We have created many Bloody Mary Stations before and usually have up to 65 different ingredients to mix you own perfect cocktail. You can use different spirits such as vodkas (and flavoured ones – Chase do an amazing smoked vodka!) gins or tequilas. Different types of tomato juices such as V8, Clamato or Frobisher’s (our fave) herbs and spices such as thyme, rosemary, basil, paprika, celery salt or pepper. Condiments also come into their own through Tabasco Sauce, horseradish, whole grain mustard and of course Worcestershire Sauce.

For weddings with guests milling around the next day - then its an absolute must.

Bottled Cocktails

Bottled cocktails are a huge trend (as is virtually any drink in a can from English Sparkling Wine to Bloody Marys) and you can buy a dizzying array of different cocktails in bottles.

How about bottled cocktails for your wedding favours? 

And to level up these awesome bottled cocktails further why not customise your labels too?

All of the above is super straightforward and something we do a lot of at The Cocktail Society. We have created bespoke cocktails and labelling for several clients in our premium 200ml cocktail bottles, and they are an absolute winner.

Gin & Tonic Bar

Another DIY bar in the same mould as the aforementioned, Bloody Mary Station, the Gin and Tonic Bar is the perfect addition to your wedding drinks plan. Gin is not a new trend, but it is still hugely popular. Alongside gin, another trend we have seen gathering momentum is more experiential bars (such as BYOC or Bring Your Own Cocktail).

Fusing these two trends is the Gin and Tonic Bar and DIY bar with an array of gins, alongside a huge array of tonics, fruits and glassware so your guests can mix their own G&T’s. This is a great idea as it’s another ice braker at weddings and allows your guests to get creative and mix some great drinks for themselves.