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Wedding List - 5 Reasons You Will be Glad you had a Gift List

Creating a wedding list is arguably one of the absolute best parts of wedding planning. It’s fun, free and who doesn’t love the idea of exploring and choosing their own presents whilst drinking free-flowing champagne? There are also many practical solutions having a wedding gift list can solve for both you and your guests. Remember, your guests will want to buy you a wedding present (and yes, that’s regardless of the size of your wedding, the date of your wedding or whether you choose a two part wedding). Simply create a gift list of items that you love and make sure you are catering to all budgets (we can help you with this) and we’ll handle the rest. Read on for five reasons you will be glad you had a gift list.

1. Try before you buy in our Iconic London Showroom

At The Wedding Present Company, one of our main unique offerings is our iconic double-storey showroom in Chelsea, London. It is the perfect place to start your gift list journey. Learn about our bespoke and personal service, the brands we offer and get endless inspiration of what to add to your wedding list from the thousands of wedding present samples available for you to see and feel in person. Every private appointment in our Showroom is hosted by one of our expert Wedding List Advisors, who will become your dedicated point of contact throughout your gift list journey (and ensure your champagne glass is topped up at all times). 

It’s this personal and tailored experience that has resulted in our couples citing their showroom appointment as one of their absolute favourite parts of wedding planning - something we are incredibly proud of. It is a fun, interactive and spoiling opportunity to be able to ‘play home’ and get excited for life together after your wedding.

Our showroom is arranged like the rooms in a house, to provide you with endless inspiration as to how presents may look in your own home. Browse our unrivalled selection of wedding present samples on display, allowing you to compare and contrast important presents such as wine glasses, china and cutlery. Choosing these wedding presents wisely will ensure that you will love, and more importantly use, these items for many many years to come. A daily reminder of your wedding day, every time you get your dinner plates out? How lovely.

From our cosy sitting room, to our inspirational shaker-style kitchen, to our breezy al fresco garden set up - an appointment in our London showroom is an absolute must for any engaged couples planning a wedding gift list.

2. There’s something for everyone

We work with over 400 brands at The Wedding Present Company. From the big name must haves such The White Company, OKA and Neptune to small, boutique, artisanal brands with wonderful stories that you may not have come across before. We also offer an exclusive antique service through our dedicated antique supplier, allowing you to source and add one-off antique items to your wedding list.

We know that there will almost always be that one item that you’ve longed for for your wedding list, from a supplier that we may not work with. Don’t worry - we are the only wedding list company to offer unlimited custom products, meaning you can add anything from anywhere (provided we can source it online from a UK retailer). Simply send your wedding list advisor a link and we’ll get it added to your wedding list for you, meaning you can have everything you want in one place for your gift list.

Knowing what and how many presents to add to a gift list can be a little overwhelming, which is why our expert Wedding List Advisors are on hand to support you every step of the way. They will get to know you and your taste and make tailored wedding present suggestions based on this. They are also at your beck and call to make sure you have a list that caters for all budgets and the number of guests you are having. We want you to feel reassured that your wedding list will appeal as much to your best friends as it will to your grandparents! We cater for all tastes and styles in our showroom and online showroom, whether you have a modern style, a traditional style or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

3. It solves logistical conundrums that you might not have even thought of

Having over 25 years’ experience in building couple’s gift lists, we have a special insight into the conundrums that wedding presents can create. Having a wedding list solves these. Firstly, it saves your guests many concerns. Firstly, it saves them having to go out and buy something, worrying that you might already have it, or worrying whether you need it, or worrying whether you will even like it?! It then saves them the hassle of bringing it to your wedding. It saves you from having to have a dedicated table on your wedding day for guests to leave you presents and it eliminates the stress of not knowing who to thank if a present is left without a card. We have a handy thank you manager built into your personal dashboard in your online account, which allows you to keep track of who’s bought you what and tick off when you have thanked them.

Another logistical question our couples often face is where they will store their wedding presents after their wedding if they are not quite ready to take delivery just yet. We know lots of our couples may not have the space to store all of their wedding presents immediately, or perhaps you are in the process of moving house or in the midst of a renovation. You might even be planning to go travelling or jet off on an extended honeymoon after your wedding. This is why we offer nine months complimentary storage for your wedding presents in our secure warehouse. When it comes to delivery, regardless of whether you have opted for storage or not, we will organise everything for you to make it totally stress free. Our in-house delivery team will happily arrange a delivery time to suit you, whether that’s after work during the week or at the wedding. No call centres or complicated delivery options here. Arriving in our own vans, our wonderful drivers will deliver your presents to your door with a smile!

4. Flexibility is at the heart of our business

One common question our couples ask is - “Are we able to swap presents that our guests have bought us?” This may be because you have since moved house and realised an item will not fit or work with the interiors, or perhaps if someone buys you the same item off list. Or perhaps you have just had a change of heart. We get it, things change. We offer the option for couples to choose a flexible wedding list, meaning that we do not order any of your presents until you have finalised your wedding list after your wedding date, regardless of whether a guest purchases it or not. Together, we will go through each present item by item and you can choose whether you would like us that present to be ordered and delivered, or whether you would rather change it for something else, or even turn it into credit to spent down the line. You have three years to spend your credit with us, so it gives you time to finalise your items and make sure you will end up with presents that you will love for years to come.

5. Make your house a home

Whether you are about to move in together or have lived with each other for years, we are all about curating a selection of wedding presents that will last a lifetime. Each present will act as a lovely reminder of the guest that bought it for you. It is an amazing opportunity to put items on your list that you wouldn’t ordinarily go out and buy yourself. You can carefully select items that you both love so that your house will reflect you as a couple. So often our couples use this time as a great opportunity to upgrade their homes and choose those special presents that they have always dreamed of. For more inspiration head to our ‘Step Up’ inspiration list on our website. Having a wedding list is equally great if you have never lived together before and you are starting from scratch. For more inspiration - head to our ‘Starter Homeinspiration collection.

If you’re still unsure about whether a wedding list is for you, why not book a virtual appointment with one of our dedicated Wedding List Advisors or book a private appointment in our London Showroom. We are here to help you as much or as little as you want with your wedding list. If you are not sure where to start, how many presents to add to your gift list, how to tell your guests about your gift list, or if you are looking for something specific we are here to help. With over 25 years’ of experience in helping couples build their wedding list, you can trust in our expertise of helping you curate a list of presents that you will love and use forever. We want to ensure that your wedding list is entirely individual and reflects you both as a couple.