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Wedding Planning - Advice From Real Couples

Being in the midst of your wedding planning journey can sometimes feel overwhelming. So what’s better than advice and tips from some of our wonderful married couples? They have been there and done it. Pour yourself a cup of tea, coffee or something stronger and absorb the words of wisdom and useful tips that follow. These useful wedding planning tips will help you stay stress free, enjoy your whole wedding planning experience and most importantly your wedding day.


There are so many places to source beautiful wedding inspiration these days, especially with online resources being forever in your pocket. Just remember that you don’t have to include anything in your day that doesn’t feel right to you as a couple. On the flip side, remember that you can add absolutely anything that is important to you both.

1. “We loved choosing a venue that was personal to us and which we can return to easily throughout our lives.” Camilla & James 

2. “Include the things that are meaningful to you on your wedding day, and don’t feel under pressure to include something (or leave something out) because of current trends, or based on someone else's opinion. If the day is a reflection of you, your guests will love it!” Charlotte & Matt

3. “Allow your image of the day to develop over time. Have a notebook handy and take ideas from weddings you have been to and ones you look at online. From there you can piece together something unique and so personal. Remember that people love weddings. The people at your wedding love you. So whatever happens, people will have a great day!” Hannah & Myles 

4. “Research and focus on what is important to you both - it doesn’t have to cost you the earth to throw the wedding you’ve always dreamed of and make it fun! Remember that the most important part of the day is that you get to marry the love of your life in front of the people you love.” Rebecca & Samuel


You can’t do it all yourself. Well you can, but wedding planning is much more enjoyable if you gather your nearest and dearest, or most trusted suppliers for help. Whether that is delegating tasks to your bridal party, hiring a wedding planner or an on the day wedding coordinator, you can engineer your wedding day to be as stress free as possible by creating a brilliant team who understand your vision and know you inside out.

1.“Unless you are incredibly organised, a wedding planner was a huge support to us and helped us source suppliers.” Camilla & James 

2. “We made a last minute decision to have an on-the-day wedding coordinator and it was the best decision we made. Our coordinator was our wedding fairy godmother and made sure the day ran like clockwork. It meant that we could all truly enjoy the day without worrying about timings or the finer details.” Georgie & Doug

3. “Do not be afraid to ask your wedding party to do things. That is what they are there for and they are expecting instructions - they want to make the day perfect for you.” Hannah & Myles

4. “Planning a wedding can become really stressful when it shouldn’t. So try and lean on someone who has some experience in events for advice and don’t panic because in the end it always comes out right.” Tania & Will


The morning of your wedding will be one of the most exciting and memorable parts of your wedding day. Do what you need to do to get yourself ready for the day ahead, not just physically, but mentally too.

1. “Get ready with plenty of time – I didn’t do this and all I would say, is you need more time than you think once you’ve put your dress on!!” Josh and Victoria

2. “Spend the morning of your wedding doing something that calms you. I went for a run with my best friend, because that is normal for us. It began the day in a way that was normal for me.” Hannah

3. “I would suggest that you and your bridesmaids think about wearing a nice outfit or some nice pyjamas when you are having your hair and make up done especially if your photographer is capturing this special moment. I was wearing old shorts and a scruffy t-shirt on my wedding morning and this god-awful look was captured in all our wedding morning photos!” Georgie Evans


Your entire wedding planning process so far has been about creating a memorable day for both your guests and your partner. Photography and videography are about the preservation of all of those memory making efforts.

1. “Really think about the photos you want taken on the day and during the evening, not just on the formal photos. I wish I was more specific about the sort of casual photos I would have liked with family and friends.” Charlotte and David

2. “Hire a videographer! They capture all the moments you don’t have time to take in and you will love watching it back together long after the memories fade. We make a point to watch our video with a glass of Champagne on our Wedding Anniversary.” Daisy & Jamie

3. “Make sure you look up when you’re walking through the confetti! It’s not natural to look up when people are throwing things in your face but it will make for brilliant photos if your photographer can capture your beaming smiles in a shower of petals.” Georgie & Doug

4. “Have a clear list of what and who you want for each photo and use an usher/bridesmaid to locate the relevant people so the photos don’t take ages!” Victy & Oli


Another recurring theme in our couples advice on wedding planning was to make sure you share quiet moments together throughout your wedding day. So many couples look back on their wedding day and say it went by too quickly (albeit in a happy blur).

1. “Make sure you take some time throughout the day for the two of you together. It whizzes by in a flash! We made sure we went for a small walk around the garden a couple of times together to take it all in. Seeing all your best friends and family dancing and enjoying themselves togeher is a really special moment.” Georgie & Doug

 2. “Remember to take a moment, just the two of you during the wedding. You can get so caught up with speaking to guests that you can forget to just take a moment together to take it all in and realise you've just got married!” Tania & Will

3. “Steal moments for yourselves, or even if just by yourself and you have a moment to stop and take it all in. Do this as regularly as possible. It helps slow down the day! Also do a welcome line! This meant we were able to make sure we had said hello to everyone and could go on to enjoy the night talking to who we wanted and actually being able to have a few real conversations. We’ve all had those events before where we’ve felt like we’ve been saying hello to people and just after the last person arrives, the first person starts leaving so you’re then saying goodbye to everyone!! Doing the welcome line just allowed us to relax and totally be present in the day.” Victoria & Josh

4. “Make sure you ask your caterers to save a plate of canapes for you to enjoy post photos!” Victy & Oli

5. “Take a few minutes on the day to watch your guests and take it all in together quietly. So special!” Will & Lexie


When we ask our couples for wedding planning advice, so many of them say “It’s cliche but - don’t sweat the small things.” It is so easy to become engrossed in all the planning and every tiny detail. Whilst that can be fun, remember that your guests are there to celebrate your marriage and will enjoy themselves regardless.

1. “Don’t stress too much about the small details, it’s the people there that make the wedding.” Kit & Jamie

2. “Don't worry when all your plans fall apart, the day will be magical whatever happens as long as you stay present.” Caz & Jack

3. “Remember that whatever happens, it is going to be the best day of your life and there is no need to stress over the small things!” Emily & Hugo

4. “It’s a cliché for a reason, but don’t stress over the little details!” Lizzie and Ian

5. “Do not spend too much time or money on wedding favours - unless they are edible or drinkable a lot gets left!” Hannah & Myles


It can be easy to feel like wedding planning is one big long to do list added onto your already busy life. It’s important to create ways to make the process enjoyable together.

1. “Try to enjoy the planning as much as possible. Organising suppliers and logistics can sometimes feel incredibly overwhelming, especially when coupled with trying to hold down a day job. By taking the time to enjoy the ‘more fun’ plans, however, such as the order of service or the food, can definitely help to take the pressure off. We would always make sure we made a thing of it – so sitting down with some bubbles and making the decisions together, trying to make it as fun as possible.” Tora & Guy

2. “Enjoy the whole process - the wedding was fantastic, but being married is the best!” Charlotte & Matt

3. “My advice would be to make the planning as fun as it can be, we always tried to plan in the pub or open a bottle of wine and sit down together to try and make it fun. It is hard and at times, I found it incredibly overwhelming but all I can say it is totally worth it on the day! We had the best day and wish we could do it all over again!” Georgie & Tim

Remember that wedding planning is just the beginning of your adventure into married life. Your guests will love spending your wedding day watching you two embark on the most exciting step of your lives so far. Hopefully these helpful wedding planning tips will stand you in amazing stead to have the best day.

“Don’t make married life about your next Sainsbury’s trip. Stay wild. Never stop adventuring.” Jo & Sam