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Joshua Tucker

What You Need to Know When Building Your Gift List

Today we chat with Laura Godfrey-Faussett, Wedding List Administrator and expert in all things 'gift list'. Laura spills the beans on everything you need to think about when you're building your wedding gift list.

Timing is key

Aim to come and see us in our Showroom 4 to 5 months before your wedding to start making your list, it gives you plenty of time to build your gift list and share it with your guests. If you're a bit tight for time, don't worry, we'll work our socks off to get your gift list ready for you in time.

The WPC Checklist

We have our very own WPC checklist which all our couples receive with their welcome pack, we advise going through this at home before you come to see us, it will help you narrow down your selection of gifts. We like to consider it to be method to the madness!

Think ahead

Think to the future, while you may only cater for 6 at the moment you might want to consider whether you'll have 12 around the table in the future. It's also worth getting a few extra glasses and plates, in case of breakages! You can always store them away until you need them.

If you're not necessarily in your 'forever home' at the moment, choose simple, classic pieces (such as photo frames and table linen) that can suit any home. One of my favourites is the Lillee lamp base by Pooky, it's so versatile and can go in any room. You can always change the shade to suit the décor of your chosen room as and when you move home. 

When it comes to kitchenware, choose stainless steel, or cast iron rather than non stick pans. These materials last much longer, so you can enjoy cooking up a storm for decades to come. Also think about the hob you may have in the future, whether that's gas, electric or induction. Choose pans which work across all types (Le Creuset are so versatile). When it comes to cutlery, consider dishwasher safe sets to keep it looking tip top! 

Copper Base, Saucepan Set, Set of 6
Table Lamp Base, Lillee, Wood, Whitewash, 39cm
Round Cast Iron, 28cm, Cocotte, Sage
30 piece cutlery canteen in picture box, 44 x 28 x 5cm, Oscar, Stainless Steel
Villeroy & Boch
Shallow Casserole, 30cm, Signature Cast Iron, Bamboo Green
Le Creuset
88 Piece 12 Person Cutlery Canteen, Signature Echo, Stainless Steel
Arthur Price
Rectangular roaster, 35 x 25cm, 3 Ply Stainless Steel - Uncoated
Le Creuset

Get seasonal

It's always lovely to have a few seasonal tablecloths and napkins- think festive season and summer season. My favourites for seasonal table linen are Summerill & Bishop and Maison Margaux

Summerill & Bishop
Tablecloth, 250cm x 165cm, Hydrangea Linen, Pink
Summerill & Bishop
Tablecloth, 145 x 310cm, Allegra, Red
Maison Margaux
Set of 4 Napkins, 33 x 33cm, Wide Stripe, Sea Green
Amuse La Bouche
Tablecloth, 300cm x 165cm, Les Palmiers Leaf, Green
Summerill & Bishop
Small Linen Tablecloth, 180 x 250cm, Pink
Issy Granger
Ruffle Napkin, 50 x 50cm, Neeli Blue, Blue
Faro Home
Tablecloth, 150 x 300cm, Indiana, Burnt Orange
Maison Margaux
Linen Napkin, 52 x 52cm, English Garden Vintage
Mila London

Keep it personal

Think of ways to make your list really personal to you, a perfect way to do this is consider having a piece of art commissioned. One of my favourites is Lara Robinson, she can work with you to create a piece totally unique which you'll have forever. Other ways to do this are to choose gifts which can be personalised, a lovely present is an invitation tray or personalised chopping board

Joshua Tucker