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Why You Should have a Wedding Gift List, by Luxury Wedding Planner Chenai Bukutu of By Chenai

Our dear friend, and extraordinary wedding planner, Chenai paid a visit to our London Showroom a few weeks ago. Together, we played home and chatted all things weddings, including why Chenai is a big advocate for having a wedding list.

"From experience, I always advise my clients to have a wedding list. It makes the guest experience so much easier."

Watch our exclusive video below, where Chenai shares her expertise when it comes to having a wedding list. Filmed in our London Showroom, we played home as Chenai explored some of her favourite wedding presents in person. Filmed by the brilliant Rachel Smuin.

"A Wedding List means that you don't have to worry about about the logistics or look after wedding presents on the wedding day."

Chenai's Favourite Presents

Champagne Glass, Motive, 25cm, Set of 6
Candlestick, Luxor, Glass, Single, 13cm
Issy Granger
Plate, Summer Flower, Pink, Large, 27cm
Penny Morrison
Wall Plate, Monsieur Moreau, Blue & White, 24cm
Rosemary Kinkatou
Lantern, 36 x 15.5cm, Idha, Mango Wood
Jug, Hobnail, Rosaline, Large, 2000ml
Round casserole, Dia24cm - 4.2L, Signature Cast Iron, Deep Teal
Le Creuset
Bowl, D33cm, Indus, Mango Wood
Stand Mixer, 4.8 Litre, Artisan, Pistachio Green
Set of 4 mugs, H10cm, Florya
Jug, 1.6L, Ama Splatter, White
Bed Throw, Henham, Platinum, 220 x 190cm
The Cotton Poet
Oxford Pillowcase, Scalloped Edge, Grey, 50 x 75cm
Lampshade, St/ Empire, Marbled Blue Sesia, 40cm
Quilt, Mali Kahala, Indigo, 225cm x 225cm

"You truly can have anything that you want. It's the sustainable option to ensure you have presents you love. Your guests will want to celebrate your marriage with a gift."