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How we are protecting our team during the pandemic

At The Wedding Present Company we really care about our team and their families, which is why during the COVID-19 outbreak we have been continuously working to protect everyone’s health, safety and general welfare.

We’ve put a plan in place to identify and manage the risks at work in relation to COVID-19, in line with UK Government guidance. Every member of our wonderful team has been asked to work from home where possible and if not, we have been furloughing staff.

Now the guidance is that anyone who cannot work from home should go in to work to help jobs and the economy. We have been assessing the situation and have outlined measures we are putting in place so that some workers can safely return to work.

What are we doing to keep our team safe?

Every member of the team has been made fully aware of social distancing guidelines, which we are doing everything practicable to adhere to wherever possible. We have also put in place a robust hygiene plan in all locations, and have provided our team with adequate cleaning and PPE supplies.

Shared workstations and equipment are regularly sanitised as a matter of course and staff have been asked to take extra precautionary measures when handling any equipment from outside contractors (e.g. couriers).

We know that hygiene and protective measures are only effective when people know how to abide by them, which is why we have provided training through our e-learning platform that is easily accessible for all staff.

Posters that give COVID-19 information about symptoms and how to stop the spread of the virus (including hand washing reminders) are located at key points throughout all locations. We’re also doing everything we can to identify and safeguard vulnerable employees in line with NHS guidance and make sure we do our bit to manage employee wellbeing.

What if someone gets ill while they are at work?

We have adopted a policy to abide by the UK Government’s guidelines to identify and isolate anybody who may have developed or been exposed to COVID-19 symptoms.

Relevant information and training regarding COVID-19 symptoms, hygiene and prevention best practice has been made available for all our staff.

We are continuing to review government guidelines regularly and are adapting the measures that we have in place in line with the most up to date UK Government and official healthcare advice.