Welcome to The Wedding Present Company, the new name for Wedding Presents Direct.
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How it works

Step one

Visit the showroom and set up
your list

Our showroom is a relaxing haven where you can choose presents together, in private. Arrange a visit in the evening or at the weekend, or call in during the week – whenever suits you. 

We give you your own dedicated, friendly advisor who will help you set up your list, listen carefully to get a good feel for your tastes, and use this to make recommendations for presents – your own personal shopper!  As with the rest of our services at The Wedding Present Co., we offer this free of charge. 

In our showroom, we’ve arranged presents by room, according to where you might put them in your own home. As you browse through our mini-home, you can enjoy getting to know our range of products, and visualise how presents might look and work together in your own home. Or you can relax on our sitting room sofa and leaf through one of the many brochures in our library, supplied by our quality manufacturers and designers.

Many presents are exclusive to The Wedding Present Co. We can also source or commission more personal ideas, such as a piece of antique silver or an original painting of your wedding venue. If you see something elsewhere that we don’t currently offer, we can track down unlimited custom products from any UK supplier or website so you can add them to your list, meaning you can truly have everything you could ever dream of on your wedding list. 

As soon as you register with us, we will set up your personal online account. As a couple, you can share this account, adding or removing choices from your list. You can keep track of the presents your guests are buying, and see what’s been delivered to our warehouse. There’s no limit to the number of presents you can choose, and if you change your mind, you have complete flexibility to remove items.  

Step two

Make your list fixed or flexible

In setting up your list, we’ll ask whether you want to make it Fixed or Flexible. If you know exactly what you want to order, and you’d like your presents delivered as soon as possible after your wedding, choose our Fixed option. We’ll order items as your guests purchase them (unless the item is part of a set that’s not yet complete). Through your online account, you can keep track of the presents your guests are buying, and see what’s arrived in our warehouse. As soon as you want to arrange delivery, just let us know.

With a Flexible list, you’ll finalise your present selection after your wedding. At this point, you can review all the presents bought from your list, and decide if you would like to make any changes. We will then order all your items for you in one go. A Flexible list allows you to make a single order based on the total value of the presents that all your guests have given.

Creating a wedding list can be one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a wedding. At each step, we are on hand to help you build your perfect list of presents that will last a lifetime. Both our Fixed and Flexible options give space for you to consider your choices and receive presents that you will love. To make the most of this time, we encourage you to take advantage of our relaxing showroom, and come back as many times as you like to choose just the right presents. It’s a good idea to pace yourselves over two or three appointments, when you have time and space. You can also enjoy browsing our online showroom and adding presents to your list from the comfort of your own home. 

Step three

Let guests know about your list and buy

It couldn’t be simpler to let your guests know that you hold a wedding list with The Wedding Present Co. We’ll give you complimentary cards to put into your invitations, informing guests about your list and how they can purchase a present. Order your cards here.

Alternatively, you might be planning to enclose a selection of information with your wedding invitations, such as maps and notes on places to stay. A short sentence informing guests that The Wedding Present Co. holds your list, and adding our website address and Hungerford telephone number, works very well when included with this information. We are happy to help with the wording of this, if needed.

Our website offers the simplest and most secure way for guests to buy you a present. To find your list and browse for a present, your guests simply go to our website and type in your surname. We can also send out your list by post and take orders over the phone.

Guests can buy presents individually, as part of a group, or on behalf of another person. As they order, we’ll give them the chance to write a personal message for you. We also welcome guests to our showroom so they can see the presents they are buying.

Step four

Close your list and order presents

We close most lists four weeks after your wedding, to allow for any last-minute purchases by your guests. If you’d like to extend this period, let us know. After your list closes, if it’s a Flexible list, you will need to get in touch with us to finalise and confirm your present selections, based on the total value of presents given by your guests. We then start to order your presents. 

With all lists, most items should arrive within six to eight weeks into our warehouse. Some more bespoke items, and those from further afield, may take between eight and twelve weeks to arrive. We will keep your online account updated and you can always call us for more information, and to let us know when you would like your presents to be delivered.

After your list closes, you may find that some presents on it have not been bought by your guests. We’d love you to have everything you’ve chosen, so once you’ve spent any vouchers and credit, we’ll give you a 10% discount to buy these items.

Step five

Arrange delivery, friends for life

We can deliver your presents in one single delivery, or in groups as they arrive. We also offer nine months of free present storage from the date of your wedding (a handy add-on service for couples who need to move house).

Delivery is free to any UK mainland address for all lists whose value of presents bought is over £2,000. We can also arrange international deliveries. Our friendly and reliable delivery driver will deliver your presents at a time to suit you, whether in the evening during the week, or at the weekend. On the day of your delivery, our driver will give you a call with a one-hour delivery slot. Find out more by reading our FAQ.

To thank you for choosing The Wedding Present Co., we’ll give you a 10% life discount on future orders worth more than £100. Any time you want, you can top up your home collection, replace broken items or buy presents for others.

We’d love you to recommend us to your friends. If a friend registers a new list with The Wedding Present Co. and mentions your name, we’ll send both you and your friend a £50 voucher to spend with us.