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How To Create A Gallery Wall At Home

Creating a gallery wall in your home is a great opportunity to fill a large or tricky sized wall with art, prints or photographs that you love. The beauty of a gallery wall is that there are no set rules, it can be completely unique to you. Whether you use all photographs, all matching frames, all different frames or a mix and match, a gallery wall is the perfect way to inject some personality into your home. We have curated some of our favourite options from our online showroom all available to add to your wedding list.

First you need to choose the wall for your gallery wall and work out the overall size of the space that you want to fill. From here you can think about what prints, photographs, artworks etc you want to use to fill the space. Then work out what sort of formation you like, do you like a grid format or a more relaxed grouping? We always find it useful to map out the overall size on the floor and play around with different formations until you have something you're happy with. Take a quick picture of this on your phone and use it as a reference when hanging. 

For those of you that are slightly more hestitant to put something together yourself, we have some brilliant options for gallery wall frame sets that do the job for you. If you are feeling braver and want to pull a whole look together yourself we have a wide range of modern photography prints, small runs of unique prints by brilliant artists and lots of different frames to put them in. 

Pre-Existing Gallery Walls

A great option is to opt for a selection of frames that have been designed to sit together in a format. The White Company gallery frame sets all come with instructions which show you how to arrange them. Simply pin this to the wall to work out where to put the nails. You can fill these with prints, paintings, photographs, postcards...anything that takes your fancy. However, something we love is asking a calligrapher (our go-to is Ellie from ERA Calligraphy) to write out a quote that is special to you, such as a reading from your wedding or a line from your first dance song.

Picture Gallery Wall Set, White, Extra-Large
The White Company
Set of 6 seashell framed prints, Seashell
Frames, Picture Gallery Wall, Set of 10
The White Company
Set of 12 framed prints, H31 x W24cm, Feather
Set of 8 framed prints, W47 x H59cm, Fern
Set of 12 framed prints, 38 x 50cm, Anatomical Fruit

Same Frame, But Different

A great way to get a cohesive gallery wall is use the same framing option or the same colour, just with different weights. That way you can have some fun with what is inside the frame and play around with colour but know the frames will effortlessly pull the look together.

Framed Print, Zebra, Black Frame, 25cm
Lâle Güralp
Print, Bardot Poses, Black Frame, Extra Large
Sonic Editions
Framed Print, Ace of Clubs and Dianmond Collages
Picture, Vintage Jaguar, Black Frame, 48 x 58cm
Luna Home

Mix and Match

Above is a small gallery wall we put together for a pop-up bedroom at Miss Bush for for of their infamous events. We have used a mixture of prints, like the personalised bouquet print by Flowers & Foliage, framed prints from The Collection and Nkuku hanging frames and mirrors. In this look we have opted for multiple colours, frames and artwork to create an eclectic yet balanced look. Don't be afraid to mix and match - as long as the colours of your frames don't jar too much you can't go wrong! 

Picture, Flowing Sand Abstract, 102 x 102cm
Luna Home
Frame, 8 x 10", Indu, Mango Wood
Pair of palm tree pictures, H56 x W41cm
Luna Home
Framed Print, Elephant, White Frame, 25cm
Lâle Güralp
Picture, Flying High, Framed, 103.8 x 73cm
Joanna Painter
Rectangle Portrait Frame, H50 x W35cm, Kiko, Antique Brass
Mounted Print, Zebra Foal, 40x30cm
Sophie Harden
Blue Coral Pictures, Set of 2
Luna Home
Francesca Sanders- Mounted Print "Baby Warthog"
Francesca Sanders

For more inspiration on how to create a gallery wall and how to choose what goes into your curation head to our dedicated Pinterest board.