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Creating your List

Why should we have a gift list?

Your wedding guests will want to buy you a wedding present to celebrate your marriage. Creating a gift list gives your guests an easy and flexible way to choose wedding presents they know you will love and also need. 

Even if you already have the basics for your life together, a gift list will enable you to build or upgrade your collection of homewares that you will love, and use, for a lifetime. 

A gift list also avoids the risk of you ending up with multiples of the same present, or things you simply don’t want.

When should we set up our gift list?

We would recommend having your gift list ready for when you send out your invitations, (traditionally about eight to ten weeks before your wedding). Depending on how long you would like to take creating your list, we’d recommend coming to visit our showroom four to six months before your wedding. However, we are completely flexible and we can help you build your list as quickly or slowly as you need. You can add presents to your list right up until your wedding day.

How do we set up our gift list?

You can set up your gift list online or in our London Showroom. Here you'll meet your dedicated Wedding List Advisor who will make recommendations for your gift list that are tailored to your tastes and needs. They will curate a selection of your favourite brands to get you started, and introduce you to lesser-known designers we know you’ll love. You'll be able to see presents in person and start adding presents to your wedding list right away. Once you have registered your list with us, it will be live for your guests to see. If you would prefer to build your list privately and set it live when you’ve finished creating your list, just let us know.

What if we can’t visit your showroom to choose our presents?

If you can’t make it to our showroom, don’t worry. We offer Virtual Appointments that are just as tailored and bespoke. You’ll still receive the same reassuringly personal service from your Wedding List Advisor. Fill in a short questionnaire and we will send you a bespoke mood board ahead of your appointment. During your appointment, your advisor will have a selection of specially chosen present ideas to share with you, and together you can build your wedding list.

How much does creating a gift list cost?

Our service always has, and always will be free of charge. We don’t charge  our couples any handling fees for cash funds, and showroom appointments and our dedicated service is all complimentary. The only possible charge you may incur is a small delivery fee if the value of presents bought from your list is under £2000. There is a 2% handling fee, paid by guests who decide to contribute to any fund or honeymoon contributions. ​

Do you ring-fence the contributions from our guests?

Yes, your wedding list contributions are 100% secure with The Wedding Present Company. We operate a separate ring-fenced client trust account, guaranteeing absolute security and peace of mind for you and your guests. With over 25 years’ experience, we are one of the most trusted options available to you.

Choosing presents

Which list option should I go for – Flexible or Fixed?

Our Flexible list option gives you time to change your mind about what you want, even when your list has closed. After your wedding, you can review every item bought by your guests and decide if you would like to change anything. We then start to order everything for you. 

With our Fixed list, we order your items - except those that are part of a set - as guests make their purchases. Presents can take between eight and twelve weeks to arrive in our warehouse, and some that are special or personal (such as fine china or hand-finished products) may take a little longer. We will keep your online account updated and you can always call us for more information.

When you register your wedding list with us, you will be able to choose whether you have a Fixed or Flexible list. By default, your list will be Flexible.

Regardless of whether you choose a Fixed or Flexible list, we do not source any custom products that have been pledged for. Instead, we will transfer your custom product pledges to you as cash, allowing you to source these products from the retailer of your choice. We will offer you two free bank transfers.

Can we make part of our list Flexible, and part of it Fixed?

We don’t usually combine these options, as it can lead to mix-ups. If you’d like to know more, please call us on 0207 622 6300.

Can we order something that is not from one of your listed suppliers?

Our range of presents is wide, but if you’d like an item we don’t stock, you can add it to your list as a custom product. Your list can include up to 10 custom products from outside our usual range, ensuring you have absolutely everything you could possibly want on your wedding list.

Custom products can only be added from UK-based websites and can only be purchased by your guests; you cannot purchase any unsold custom items using gift vouchers or credit.

If a custom product is bought off your list by a guest, the value of this pledge will sit in your ‘cash funds’ pot. You can request for this pledge to be transferred to you as cash, for you to order the item directly. Alternatively, you can use this pledge contribution towards any other item from our branded suppliers.

Do you offer funds?

You can add dedicated funds to your wedding list, allowing your guests to contribute towards art, wine, furniture, charity or a honeymoon of your choice. 

We do not charge our couples for including funds, however there is a 2% handling fee to guests who decide to contribute to any Honeymoon, Furniture or Art Bespoke Fund. This 2% charge does not apply to Charity Funds. See our T&Cs for more information.​

​Any guest contributions towards these funds will be transferred to you after your wedding, when you contact us to finalise your list. Please note that you will not be able to convert presents, gift vouchers and credit notes to funds. You can however use fund contributions to purchase any item from our brand partners on your list.

How many presents should we put on our list?

It’s completely up to you, but the greater choice you can give your guests, the better. Our dedicated advisors can recommend and help you to establish a total value for your list, based on the number of guests you are inviting to your wedding. 

Can guests contribute individually to higher-priced items?

Absolutely. Our group gift option is available for any present on your wedding list at the touch of a button.

Are your prices competitive?

We price our presents using the recommended retail price from our suppliers. We are unable to match any sale or promotional pricing from other establishments. 

What happens if one of our presents is discontinued?

From time to time, suppliers will discontinue items. We will let you know about any items on your list that are discontinued, and we will suggest some alternatives for you. If a guest has already bought a product that is discontinued, we will credit your account with the original value so you can put this towards another item from your list.  

Can we convert our list into one pot of money to spend?

Yes, with our Flexible list option you can convert the value of presents bought from your list into credit, which is valid for three years. We will keep this on your account, and you can spend it on any product you like from within our branded supplier list, please note this does not include vouchers offered by suppliers, eg. Curry and Mr & Mrs Smith.

Confirming and closing your list

When do you close our wedding list?

Your list will stay open for four weeks after your wedding, allowing guests to make any last-minute purchases. We will then get in touch with you to talk you through the next steps. If you would like to close your list sooner, or keep it open for longer, please let us know.

Can we swap a purchased present for something else?

If you want the option to change your mind and exchange presents, choose a Flexible list. This allows you to choose when you order your presents, meaning you can swap items around should you wish to.

If you choose a Fixed list and we’ve ordered your presents, we won’t be able to swap them.

You won't be able to swap a present once it has been ordered or delivered, unless it is faulty.

When will you order our presents?

With a Fixed list, we add your purchased items to orders we have with suppliers. These come into our warehouse on an individual basis. If a present forms part of a set, it won’t be ordered (unless you tell us otherwise) until the entire set is purchased. You can place orders for incomplete sets (choosing to order as it, or topping it up) via your Online Dashboard, or we can do this for you.

If your list is Flexible, you can decide when to place orders for your gifts. You can do this via your Online Dashboard or we can do this for you. We find that most couples like to wait until after their wedding to confirm their presents and place one order, but with a flexible list the choice is yours to do as you wish!

Most items will begin to arrive into our warehouse eight to twelve weeks after an order is placed, however some more bespoke items can take slightly longer to arrive. We will keep your online account updated and you can always call us for more information.

Can we change our minds about a present after you’ve ordered it?

Once we’ve placed an order with a supplier, we cannot make an exchange. 

Do we have to buy all the presents that remain on our list?

Not at all, but once you’ve spent any vouchers and credit, we’ll give you a 10% discount on any remaining presents you’d like to buy. 


Do you offer storage?

We are happy to offer you free storage for your presents for up to three months after your last present has been received into our warehouse. We’ll give you plenty of notice when you’re approaching the end of this period and discuss the options available to you.


When will you deliver our presents?

Most items should arrive quickly in our warehouse, although more bespoke items, and those from further afield, may take between eight and twelve weeks to arrive. With both Fixed and Flexible list options, you can have your presents delivered all at once, or in groups as they arrive in our warehouse. We will keep your online account updated and you can always call us for more information, and to let us know when you would like your presents to be delivered.

Can you deliver presents before our wedding?

If you would like a present to arrive before your wedding, we can pre-order this for you. Particularly useful if you want new luggage for your honeymoon, for example. We ask you to pay upfront for this present, and then if a guest chooses to buy that present for you, we will either credit your account or you can choose to buy another present from our brand partners.

As suppliers have variable lead times, we can’t guarantee to get a present to you before the day of your wedding, but we’ll make every effort to do so. 

Do we have to pay for delivery?

Delivery is free to any UK mainland for all lists whose value of presents bought is over £2,000. For all other mainland deliveries, we charge a fee of £25 for the first delivery only.

Can you ship our presents overseas?

We can ship your presents anywhere in the world. If your delivery address is outside the UK, please let us know as soon as you can. You will need to choose a Flexible list if you require overseas shipping.

How much will it cost to ship our presents abroad?

Shipping costs depend on weight and volume. Usually we wait until all presents arrive at our warehouse, and then calculate the cost as a whole. If you’d like us to ship your presents to an address outside the UK, let us know as soon as you can, as we may be able to reclaim VAT on your behalf. For more details, contact us on 01488 662100.

How do we organise a delivery?

From your online account, you’ll be able to see everything that’s arrived in our warehouse. Simply request a delivery in your Online Dashboard, call our warehouse directly on 01488 662109, or get in touch with us by email, and we’ll find a date and time that suits you. 

We’ve been gifted new electricals, are you able to help us recycle our old ones?

Absolutely, we are part of the distributor take-back scheme (DTS) to help you recycle electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). Read more about how we can help here.

Returns and exchanges

What can I do if my presents arrive faulty or damaged?

In the unlikely event that one of your presents arrives faulty or damaged, please email the details to, and we will get this sorted for you as soon as possible.

How soon must we report a faulty or damaged item?

We ask that you report any issues within seven days of having an item delivered. 

Can we return presents?

If a present is faulty or doesn’t match its description, let us know within seven days of delivery, and we’ll be happy to exchange it or offer credit for another item. Unfortunately, we’re not able to exchange or accept returns of presents for any other reason.

Gift Vouchers

Can I refer a friend to The Wedding Present Company?

If you enjoyed your experience with us, we would love you to recommend us to your friends. For every friend that registers their list with us, based on your recommendation, we will give both you and them a £50 gift voucher to spend with us. (T&Cs apply) 

What if I have more than one gift voucher from you when I register my wedding list? 

We can only accept one voucher per registration, so it's up to you which one you choose to redeem when you register your list. 

Can I convert my gift voucher into cash? 

You can only use gift vouchers to purchase items through The Wedding Present Company. You cannot convert vouchers into cash. 

Can I buy anything from you with my gift vouchers? 

Contributions towards gift vouchers are redeemable against the pledged voucher itself or presents from our brand partners. They cannot be exchanged for cash funds or custom products.