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To search for a gift list, please enter the last name of either partner.

FAQ's about our service

What happens now the order has been placed?

The couple will be notified of your kind purchase and once their wedding date has passed and their gift list has been closed, our purchasing team will place orders with our Branded Supplier Partners. The gifts will then be sent to our secure warehouse where will hold them until the couple are ready to receive their delivery.

Will the gift be delivered to me or directly to the couple?

All gifts bought for the couple will be stored in our secure warehouse. The couple then arrange a delivery of their wedding gifts at a time to suit them, normally after their wedding date. This is sent out in recycled packaging and delivered directly by our personal delivery driver.

Can I change my gift message?

Of course, please contact our team at or 01488 662100 and we would be pleased to amend your gift message for you.

I haven’t received a notification, have the couple received my gift?

When you purchase a gift from our website, you will receive an automatic email confirming your order and gift message. Sometimes this email is caught up in spam or junk folders. If you have still not received your confirmation, please contact us at and we will send another copy to you.

I have changed my mind, can I choose another gift?

Yes of course, but please be aware that the couple will have been notified of your kind purchase. Please contact us as soon as possible to choose another gift, our team will be happy to help. Please be aware if you have bought more than one item and wish to cancel just one, we will have to cancel your complete order and process a new one for you.

How do I add personalisation to a gift?

Personalisation can be added to certain gifts but as this is a personal choice for the couple, we ask them to confirm any personalisation when we close their wedding list.