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Meet the Maker: Issy Granger

Issy Granger is a London based homeware designer. Her eclectic and colourful style shines through in each of her designs. She supports skilled craftsmen and women both in the U.K. and around the world, going back to basics and focusing on the craftsmanship of each piece she designs. Issy designs each item to be the perfect mix of an aesthetic keepsake and something practical, making them perfect for a wedding present! Read on to hear all about Issy's inspiration and to see her favourite wedding presents.

When did you start Issy Granger and what was your inspiration behind your decision to start the brand?

I launched Issy Granger in October 2019 having spent several years previously growing it on the side of my day job. For as long as I can remember I have loved designing and making things and I always planned to one day turn this creativity into a brand. Both my mother and grandmother are artists so I have been very lucky to have them as inspiration and mentors along the way.

Issy's Products

Candlestick, Ombo, Glass, Single, 24.5cm
Issy Granger
Candlestick, Thebes, Glass, Single, 30cm
Issy Granger
Candlestick, Luxor, Glass, Single, 13cm
Issy Granger
Candlestick, Esna, Glass, Single, 20cm
Issy Granger
Carafe, Pom, Green, Glass, 28cm
Issy Granger
Water Glass, Pom, Blue, Set of 4
Issy Granger
Water Glass, Pom, Blue, Single
Issy Granger
Carafe, Pom, Glass, Clear, 28cm
Issy Granger

Describe your signature technique that makes your products different?

I begin every piece in the collections by sketching out a design. From there, I search for skilled makers who can bring my drawings to life. It is this process that I believe makes our products so special. They have all been made by hand by talented craftsmen and women and they are as much practical interior pieces as they are beautiful works of art.

Where do you take your inspiration from?

Growing up with artists, I have always been very aware of colour and the world around me. I take inspiration from my surroundings, be it the English countryside, further afield or from conversations with people that I meet along the way. Inspiration is all around us. 

What’s your favourite product of yours to date?

It is hard to pick a favourite! I have really love the process from conception to realisation of every piece that we have done. Each journey has been different and there is really nothing more exciting than when I get to hold the finished product for the first time. The latest addition to our collections are the Merino Lambswool Throws. These were conceived earlier this year whilst we were all in lockdown out of the universal desire to find comfort at home. In my opinion there is nothing more comforting than the feeling of being wrapped up warm in a beautifully soft Throw. I also wanted our Throws to be uplifting in their design and so I drew them with thick stripes in warm and joyful colours. Having grown up in Yorkshire, I was also thrilled to be able to support local industry with the Throws being woven in an historic West Yorkshire mill.

How do you choose the names for your products?

The glass pieces are all made by hand in Egypt. To celebrate their origin and the rich history of Egyptian glassblowing I named our Candlesticks after ancient Egyptian gods and cities. Our Merino Lambswool Throws are called The Poet’s Throws, I am a great lover of poetry and I am always looking for ways to weave this into my designs. Our Throws come in blue, raspberry and green and I have named them after three poets that I admire - Lord Byron, Christina Rossetti and Edna St Vincent Millay. I hope that by naming the Throws after these poets it might inspire their owners to wrap up in their Throw whilst reading the words of these great lyricists.

What does the future hold for Issy Granger?

I am always designing new products and so I hope to continue to grow the brand by working with more skilled craftsmen and women in the UK and around the world who can bring my designs into fruition. It is such an honour to be able to work with so many talented people and I am excited to see where these collaborations will take Issy Granger in the future.   

What is your favourite room in the house and why?

The kitchen! I know that it sounds like a cliché, but it really feels like the beating heart of every home. I love cooking and having friends and family over to enjoy a long lunch or dinner is one of my absolute favourite things!   

Who are your favourite interior designers?

I love Beata Heuman. Her designs are extremely joyful and full of colour and life and whilst modern, they also retain a certain classical feel to them. I also admire Ben Pentreath, Anna Spiro, Kate Guinness, Max Rollit, Emma Sims-Hilditch and many more! There are so many wonderful interior designs that are such an inspiration to me. 

Do you have any advice to couples on setting up their wedding list?

Chose a mixture of practical items as well as pieces that bring you joy.

What is it about The Wedding Present Company that stands out to you?

The Wedding Present Company has such a wonderful array of brands and products – there really is something/ many things for everyone. It is fantastic to have so many great products all in one place and from brands both large and small. I am delighted to be an exclusive supplier of yours. 

What do you like buying your friends as a wedding present?

I love buying friends things that I know they will treasure for a lifetime. 

Issy's Favourite Presents

Kew Trug Set of 2
Willow & Wicker
Backgammon Board, Lincoln, Green Shagreen
Forwood Design
Set of 6 dinner plates, 28cm, Beja, White With Blue Rim
Costa Nova
Festoon lights, L4.5m - 10 Bulbs
Garden Trading