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Meet the Maker: Harriet Hogarth of Handcrafted by Harriet

Welcome to our Meet The Maker Series, where we talk to suppliers about their unique product and what inspires them. First up is the wonderful Harriet Hogarth, founder of Handcrafted By Harriet who produce beautiful bespoke notice boards.

What is Handcrafted by Harriet?

A small business making fabric notice boards. I personally make all of my notice boards from my home in Lincolnshire, using beautiful upholstery fabrics and finishing each one to a very high standard. They make a striking statement in any home and are a stylish solution for keeping photos, invitations, business cards and more in a safe and easily accessible place.

When did you set up Handcrafted by Harriet, and what was the inspiration behind your decision to start the brand?

I created the business in 2015 after I left a career in marketing. Dropping hints for a friend to make me one did not come to fruition so I taught myself instead! From a hobby to selling to friends and family, the business then grew and works really well alongside raising two little people.

How do you make your noticeboards?

I cover 9mm MDF with polyester wadding and upholstery fabric. I then add grosgrain ribbons, pulling each one really taught and finish with upholstery nails to hold everything slotted behind in place. The back is covered to hide all workings and a D hook is attached for easy hanging.

Attention to detail is key for me. I am a perfectionist so there can't be any lumps and bumps along the edges (within reason given that I'm working with fabric and everything is handmade) and even the back, which won't be seen, has to be incredibly neat. If anything isn't just so I will do it again! That is what sets me apart from some of my competitors

How do you source your material? Is there particular type of material that is best for noticeboards?

All over the place. I only buy in small quantities until I know a fabric is going to be popular. I will only work with high quality medium weight cotton or linen.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs from?

Customers! Many of the gorgeous fabrics have been inspired by customers requesting bespoke orders for wedding presents, keen to tailor the fabric to the couples interests or style. I try hard to design notice boards that customers can't get anywhere else.

What is your most popular design?

Bumble bees without a doubt. Designs go in waves of popularity but bees have stood the test of time and remain a firm favourite. The fabric works well with many different interiors.

Do you take bespoke orders? (If couples have their own fabric etc)

Absolutely. I can make bespoke sizes and use bespoke fabrics to match a couple's specific decor.

Why is a notice board a good wedding present?

It is something a bit different and really very useful and versatile! They are also a good price point for friends and family who want something more affordable than some of the larger investment pieces.

What is it about The Wedding Present Company that stands out to you?

I love that you work with so many unique small businesses which you won't find elsewhere. Your range of stunning products is endless and the team is incredibly friendly! That definitely sets you apart from other companies and makes the whole experience, whether you are a supplier or client, a very special experience.

What’s your favourite board you have made?

An enormous bespoke gold pineapple notice board. Seeing so much luxurious shimmering gold fabric has such a wow factor and hearing how much my customer loved it was the best feeling!

Harriet's Favourite Presents

Jug, Hobnail, Rosaline, Large, 2000ml
Set of 6 champagne glasses, 150ml, Ovals, Crystal
The Vintage List
Rectangular Cushion, Pink and Red, 60x40cm
Rosanna Lonsdale
Cardoon Artichoke Candle Holder, White, 27cm
Ottoman, H36 x W125cm, Odum, Blue and Natural
Oval plate, 37 x 30cm, Ceramics, White
Sophie Conran for Portmeirion
Mug, Squat, Thin Stripe, Marine, 7cm
Wonki Ware
Bedspread/Tablecloth, Indigo & Red Ajrak, 185 x 270cm