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Top Interior Trends for 2019

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to welcome new interior trends to the fold. Join us as we run through the looks we can’t wait to see come to life in our London showroom.

When building your wedding list, it’s a fine line between building a list you will love now and forever. It’s easy to focus on the current trends that are ‘must-have’ right now, but will you still love these in 25 years time? Your wedding list is the perfect opportunity to dress your home with those items you have been coveting and with that we strongly believe that your list should be the perfect blend of timeless things you can’t live without and modern must-haves. As such, we have selected the interior trends from 2019 that we feel will stand the test of time meaning you can add them to your list safe in the knowledge you will love them just as much in 25 years time as you do now. Read on to find out more, or book your private appointment in our London showroom with one of our dedicated wedding list advisors. 

Moody Regal Green

Set to be a huge colour trend, we expect to be seeing moody regal greens popping up in all manners of interior design in 2019. Inspired by the paint colour ‘Night Watch’, the dark green hue pulls our memories of nature, recreating the calming and invigorating experience we feel when in nature. Mix this jewel tone with high-shine finishes and metallics to inject a rich shot of colour to a neutral space.

Big Green Egg Nest Bundle, Large
Big Green Egg
Tablemat, Green Croc, Set of 6
Lady Clare
Tumbler, 33cl, Villeroy & Boch, Boston Coloured, green
Villeroy & Boch
Jug, H27cm/1.3l, Gluggle, Woodland Dark Green
Gluggle Jugs
Cushion, Square, Wicker, Linen, Green, Small, 43cm
Retro Turntable, Ambassador, Black/Green
GPO Retro
Picnic Hamper, 4 Person, Willow Direct, Willow, Tweed Green
Willow & Wicker

Geometric & Tribal Patterns

Introduce a warming pattern into even the most minimal of homes, or mix and match prints for an eclectic warming finish. Think decorative cushions, throws and lamps to introduce small elements of this trend. Start small and build it up to ensure a considered approach.

Quilt, H225 x W225cm, Mali star, Green pink
Rug, Medina, Tangier, 300 x 250cm
Weaver Green
Small Crystal Vase, Ovals, 11cm
The Vintage List
Cushion Cover, Yocha, Blue/Red, Large, 51cm
Tray, Square, Black & White Marbled, 35 x 35cm
Luna Home
Mohani Geometric Lantern, 'Antique' Brass, Small
Mugs, Herrinko, Set of 4
Tablecloth, Aleppo, Blue, 310x180cm
Penny Morrison
Artisan Dhurri Rug, Atari Pink, Small
Francesca Gentilli
Cushion, Square, Red & Blue, 50 x 50cm
Rosanna Lonsdale
Table Lambase, Gingembre, Blue/White, 44cm
Pooky Lighting
Cushion, Juno, Navy, 45 x 45cm
Weaver Green
Cushion, Glacier Storm, 55cm
Andrew Martin
Floor Cushion, Tantallon, Red Tribal, 62 x 62cm
Runner Rug, Nomad, Patara, 240x70cm
Weaver Green

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

With the environment suffering major crisis after major crisis, we’re always happy to see new, innovative takes on production and décor that are easy on the eye while leaving little to no impact on the planet and its resources. It’s our responsibility to bring items into our homes that add grounding elements and take less from our precious planet.

Stand & Dome, Ivalo, Ash, 28 x 23cm
LSA International
Jute Rug, Ambara, Small, 120 x 180cm
Lamp, Noko, Wicker, Large 64 x 44cm (dia)
Pasta/Serving Bowl, Pearl, White, 34cm
Costa Nova
Prep & Serve Board, MasterClass, Wood & Marble, Round
Master Class
Baskets, Seagrass, Grey & White, Set of 3
Luna Home
Lantern, 21 x 15.5cm, Nkuku, Idha, mango wood
Lantern, Eluru, 28cm
Dinner Plate, Pearl, White, 28cm, Set of 6
Costa Nova
Rug, Arlington Swedish Blue Ivory, PET, 5'x8'
Dash & Albert
Recycled Glass Conical Dome, 34x36cm

Mixed Metal Accents

The perfect partner to moody, regal greens - mix metals for a considered and luxurious finish to your home. Keep it timeless and tasteful by ensuring you never mix more than 2-3 accents at a time. Think brass, gold and nickel mixed with aged iron or rubbed brass and silver and pewter with bronze and black-bronzed metals.

Ceiling Pendant, Valli, Glass, 41cm
Pooky Lighting
Bottle Coaster, Game Birds, Teak & Silver Plate
Hayward & Stott Silversmiths
Notice Board, Luxury Golden Pineapple, Cream Ribbon, 60 x 40cm
Handcrafted by Harriet
Charger Plate, Gold Rim, 31cm, Set of 4
Fondue Set, Artesà, Hand Finished, Copper Effect, KitchenCraft
Three piece cocktail set, KitchenCraft, Barcraft, black/brass
Bar Craft
Stone Pestle & Mortar
Tom Dixon
Jahi Brass Candlestick, Large, Nkuku

Country Florals

Soft, romantic and ethereal, country florals are going to have a moment in 2019. Whether you choose to take an abstract approach with hints of florals here and there, or go for full on chintz, this is a look that is timeless and full of glorious nostalgia.

Quilt, Blue Daisy, Kingsize
Bistro Glass, Ovals, Set of 6, The Vintage List
The Vintage List
Dinner Plate, Rose Hip, 26cm
Alice Peto
Tablecloth, Green Leaf Print, 150x250cm
Jug, Pea Pod, 2 Pint
Alice Peto
Lampshade, Empire, Green Lotus, 10"
Ashoka Designs
Side Plate, Pink Asiatic Pheasants, 17.5cm
Set of 4 wine goblets
The Vintage List
Faux Flowers, Pink Tulips & Blossom in Glass Urn
Luna Home
Butterfly Bloom, Teacup & Saucer, Pink & Blue
Quilt, Pink Daisy, Kingsize
Napkin, Pink Leaf Print, Set of 4

10% Colour 90% White

It’s the safe option almost all of us opt for: a neutral foundation for all the big ticket items in your home (walls, sofas, kitchens etc). 2019 makes our safe choices totally legit thanks to the trend of 10% colour 90% white. Inject those neutral with pops of colour through accessories - think lamps, cushions, rugs, kitchen appliances or textiles. We’re huge fans of pops of colour here at The Wedding Present Co. If executed with care, the use of colour on a neutral foundation is a clever, considered and timeless approach to home décor.

Table Lamp, Howard, Turquoise, 38cm
Pooky Lighting
Rug, Arlington Swedish Blue Ivory, PET, 5'x8'
Dash & Albert
Cushion, Halsey, Red/Green, 50cm x 50cm
Notice Board, Dark Grey Linen, Neon Pink Ribbon, 40 x 30cm
Handcrafted by Harriet
Dinner Plate, Set of 4, Abbesses Yellow, 27cm
Canvas Home
Stand Mixer, Artisan, Majestic Yellow, 4.8L, KitchenAid
Cool Bag, Santorini Blue Tile, 12ltr
Kitchen Craft
Oval Casserole, Signature, Cast Iron, Marseille Blue, 27cm, Le Creuset
Le Creuset
Photograph Frame, Duck Egg Enamel & Silver, 7x5"
Addison Ross
Ceramic stool, D32 x H46cm, Oka, Rander, red/white