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How To Create Your Perfect Wedding Gift List: The Online Display in The Wedding Present Company Showroom
Alex Merz

How To Create Your Perfect Wedding Gift List - Part 1

Congratulations! So, you’re newly engaged and are in the midst of meticulously planning your wedding. Now’s the time to start curating your wedding gift list. It’s not only a fun and exciting experience, but it also comes with added benefits for both you and your guests.

So, what exactly is a wedding gift list, and why should you have one? In this guide, we'll walk you through the ins and outs of creating a bespoke wedding gift list that's completely tailored to your tastes and needs.

What is a Wedding Gift List?

A wedding gift list is a curated collection of items, experiences, and cash contributions you wish to receive as gifts from your wedding guests to celebrate your marriage. 

Also called a wedding list, a wedding registry, or a bridal registry, a wedding gift list acts as an easy and flexible guide for your guests to choose presents they know you will love and also need. Whether it's tableware, bed & bath wedding gifts, or contributions to your art and honeymoon funds, your wedding gift list reflects your aspirations as a couple, and the choices available to you are unlimited.

You can read more about a wedding gift list with The Wedding Present Company - a personal shopping experience for you and your Guests here.

How To Create Your Perfect Wedding Gift List: The Preview of Wedding Gifts Available on The Wedding Present Company
Alex Merz

Why Should You Have a Wedding Gift List for Your Wedding?

Deciding whether to create a gift list for your wedding is a personal choice. However, from our couple’s experience, it’s undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding planning. A wedding gift list is something you and your partner can enjoy doing together. Something that will transport you to thinking of all the adventures you will have as a married couple in the future. 

Do you already have the basics for your life together? With a wedding gift list, you can build or upgrade your collection of homewares that you will love and use for a lifetime. Moreover, your wedding guests will want to buy you wedding gifts to celebrate your marriage. So creating a gift list can simplify the process for both you and your guests. Our expert wedding list advisors are on hand to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your wedding list caters to all guest budgets. 

A wedding gift list helps you avoid the risk of ending up with multiple of the same present or things you simply don’t want or need. As our friend, luxury wedding planner, Chenai Bukutu of By Chenai, says," [with a list from The Wedding Present Company] you don't have to worry about about the logistics or look after wedding presents on the wedding day."

Read more about Chenai Bukutu’s reasons for Why You Should Have A Wedding Gift List here.

How Do You Create A Wedding Gift List?

Setting up a wedding gift list is an exciting opportunity to gather items that resonate with your style and needs. Whether you prefer traditional wedding gifts or modern choices, at The Wedding Present Company, we have been helping couples create their wedding gift lists for almost 30 years. In the midst of planning your wedding, you can trust our expertise to help you find presents you’ll treasure forever.

You can choose to create your wedding gift list online, but most couples prefer to begin with a private appointment in our London showroom. Enjoy free-flowing Nyetimber and freshly brewed coffee as you browse wedding list presents in person, with dedicated and expert guidance from your Wedding List Advisor. You can then continue adding to your gift list from the comfort of your home, thanks to our extensive Online Showroom, which is home to thousands of wedding presents for you to choose from. 

If you can’t make it to our London showroom, don’t worry. You’ll still receive the same personal service and help with your wedding gift list from your Wedding List Advisor in a virtual appointment, by telephone, or by email. And you’ll have complete freedom to browse our extensive Online Showroom too. However you choose to set up your wedding registry, we’ll be here to support you from start to finish. 

Once you have registered your wedding gift list with us, it will be live for your friends and family to see. However, if you would prefer to build your list privately and set it live when you’ve finished it that’s no problem, just let us know.

How To Create Your Perfect Wedding Gift List: The Sneak Peek into The London Showroom
Alex Merz

How Much Does It Cost To Create a Wedding Gift List?

The Wedding Present Company service always has been and always will be free of charge. We also don’t charge our couples any handling fees for cash funds, and showroom appointments and our dedicated service are all complimentary. 

The only possible charge you may incur is a small delivery fee if the value of wedding presents bought from your list is under £2,000. There is a 2% handling fee paid by guests who decide to contribute to any fund or honeymoon contributions. ​

What Should You Put On Your Wedding Gift List?

The presents you put on your wedding gift list should reflect your personalities as a couple. From kitchen gadgets to luxurious tableware, when you create your wedding list with The Wedding Present Company, your choice of presents is truly unlimited. What’s more, you’ll enjoy a bespoke experience delivered with genuine warmth, care, and attention.

Every recommendation our Wedding List Advisors make is tailored to your tastes and needs. We’ll curate a selection of your favourite brands to get you started and introduce you to lesser-known designers we know you’ll love. And if you book your showroom appointment with us, you'll be able to see presents in person and start putting gifts on your wedding gift list right away.

Your wedding gift list is a perfect opportunity to ask for items you genuinely need. Whether it's fine dining china, the most desired kitchenware, or funds for your honeymoon, the choice is yours. By creating a diverse selection of wedding gifts, you can ensure that your guests have options that align with their budgets.

Whether your celebration is grand in scale or more intimate, a thoughtfully curated wedding gift list can cater seamlessly to weddings of every size. Read our ultimate wedding gift list guide for intimate microweddings with some of our favourite wedding gift ideas that both you and your guests will love.


Oval Casserole, 31cm, Cast Iron, Volcanic
Le Creuset
12-piece dinner set, Ceramics, White
Sophie Conran for Portmeirion
Candlestick, H24cm, Ombo, Green
Issy Granger
Rechargeable Table Lamp Base Only, H21cm x W11cm, Ernest, Antique Brass
Set of 2 Sour Glasses, 217ml, Optic, Clear
Napkin, 45 x 45cm, Mini Scallop, Blue
Cushion, 45 x 45cm, Candy Stripe, Blue
Amuse La Bouche
Salad Bowl, D28cm, Scroll, Green
Villa Bologna
Multi Fuel Pizza Oven, Karu 12G, Black
Bedside Table, Radnor, Linen Grey, 40cm
Set of 4 Dinner Plates, D28cm, Romilly, Green
Skye McAlpine
Throw, 150 x 183cm, Fishbone, Duck Egg
Espresso machine, 1.9 litre, The Bambino Plus, Brushed Stainless Steel
Pair of candleholders, H25cm, Lakadema, Cream Painted Resin
Ice bucket with lid and tongs, 1.5 litre, hammered metal
Bar Craft
Bath Tidy, Oak
The White Company

The Quantity Dilemma: How Many Gifts Should You Put on a Wedding Gift List?

The number of items on your wedding gift list is entirely up to you. Yet, offering a diverse array of choices ensures that your wedding guests can select gifts that align with their preferences and budgets. Our dedicated Wedding List Advisors can recommend the ideal value and quantity of items based on the number of guests you are inviting to your wedding.

Don’t forget that with The Wedding Present Company, your guests can also contribute individually to higher-priced wedding gifts. Our group gifting option is available for any present on your wedding list at the touch of a button.

When Should You Create A Wedding Gift List?

We recommend that your wedding gift list is ready for when you want to send out your wedding invitations (traditionally eight to ten weeks before your wedding). This gives your guests ample time to explore the options on your wedding gift list and select the perfect gift that resonates with their preferences.

If you’re planning to come to our London Showroom, we’d recommend coming to visit four to six months before your wedding, but this solely depends on how long you would like to spend creating your wedding gift list. We are completely flexible, and we can help you build your wedding list as quickly or slowly as you need. You can add presents to your gift list right up until your wedding day.


Any other unanswered questions about wedding gift lists? Check out part 2, where we’ve shared more about wedding gift list etiquette and unveiled the best ways to share your wedding registry with friends and family.